i dare you
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go ahead. ask.


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Vivian · 3 answers · 10d

Metamorphosis begins
What will emerge

As Gregor Samsa awoke one morning from uneasy dreams he found himself going back to sleep for another hour.

kaitlin · 15d

Super Monkey Ball for the Xbox 360?

bitchboy supreme · 15d

please let me go

bitchboy supreme · 15d

you eating eel mia implies that 'mia' is a property that can be transferred via consumption, is that the correct interpretation of your eel answer?

disarray · 15d

Opinion on spilling oil in tge ocean?

oli · 15d

bloodthief is cool gaem

bitchboy supreme · 15d

fav beer (mines a miller lite)

Vivian · 15d

Do you have a favorite pasta or empire collapse

Olivia Scott · 6 answers · 1mo

do you think people would get mad at me if i ate the last sour gummy worm?

bitchboy supreme · 15d

what did you do to the eel. did u eat it

in the journey of life there are many things that one may encounter, and it's important to adapt to new situations as they appear. the world is constantly changing as we change and adapt. if you look outside, it is never the exact same space you were yesterday, no matter what. we live in a dynamic environment that is always changing and is dynamic. there is no way to stand still for a moment and enjoy the stillness because the world does not wait for any one doll. we live in a space that never stands still, that is always changing. i ate the eel

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