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FY · 3 answers · 18d

May I know what's your favorite flower and why is it has to be your favorite?

Gerbera Daisy! My sister once brought one home and I just thought it was so pretty to look at, especially its colors

FY · 4 answers · 18d

I hope today treats you gently, dear friends! Monday seems a bit tough for some people but I hope tomorrow will treats you better. Have a proper rest zZzZZzZz You did great today! ⭐

Black Cat · 24d

Hope you're good!

ustadhanbin · 7 answers · 1mo

Blackpink kapan comeback ya guys

Lily · 2mo

Keca please sehat sehat terus karena aku sayang kamu, semua sayang kamu, pokoknya kamu harus bahagia !!

I love you so much :( you made me shed tears a bit but dw it's happy tears!!!! Aku juga sayang Lily banget banget, terima kasih udah mau temenan sama aku dan masih temenan juga. I feel so loved, maaci yaa. Kamu juga harus bahagia!! <3

FY · 6 answers · 2mo

Spare me your current favorite tune, anyone? I feel a little bit bored with mine hehe

Soleil · 2mo

hiiiii kakak what makes you happy these days... :)

FY · 4 answers · 2mo

If you were a song, what song it would be?

FY · 1 answer · 2mo

What's the exact meaning of love from your prespective?

Love is either a blessing or a curse I might say. Despite that, all of us still crave for love and neglecting the risks that we aware we would face if something is not working. That's actually beautiful. We crave for love, we sacrifice for love, and that's just enough to remind us that we're exist not because one or two things but LOVE. We're a form of love.

FY · 4 answers · 2mo

May I know what makes you a little happier today, dear friend?

FY · 6 answers · 2mo

Are you type of people that will take the risk or lose the chance when you're admiring or loving someone?

I'm more to lose the chance because I tend to find comfort in admiring someone from afar. I prefer to wonder what are they doing or connecting the dots (?) instead of taking the risk by asking them directly :]

G. · 15 answers · 2mo

Absen yang baru sadar Aottacca suspeng. ✋🏻

· 26 answers · 3mo

what kind of flowers you love the most? 💐

Sugarplum · 4mo

May I know the current top three on your on-repeat playlist!!!

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