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Anonymous Coward · 27d

If you like someone that is beyond your standard, enough to make you feel small and not confident, will you fight for them or let them be with other people that you know will make them happier?

Jarang-jarang dapet pertanyaan begini min. For me, I'll try to fight for them too sekalian proving that I can be the one who make them happy, showing that they deserve me and I deserve them. Rezeki gak ada yang tau. Kecuali kalau dari awal deketin udah dikasih lampu merah, baru mundur. 👍🏻

Anonymous Coward · 2mo

Lg naksir sm siapa sih bet

Anonymous Coward · 1mo

I've seen you interacting with my mutuals pretty often, and I should say that you catch my attention. May I know... if you're already have someone in mind or not? :D

Halo, thank you for the message and the question yaa. Yes, I already have someone in my mind now.

emrin .ᐟ · 1mo

how’s life recently?

Life has been great. Some unexpected events happened, as always, but overall life is treating me well. How about you?

Cordelia · 5 answers · 1mo

Who is your celebrity role model and why?

I'd say that one of them is Mark Lee, because as we all know he's such a hardworking person with such a big dream on his hands. He inspire me a lot.

Anonymous Coward · 1mo

Open for relationship ga, Albie?

Nino · 2mo

Kenapa sih gak mau follow gw benci bgt kayaknya

Nayaka · 2mo


Rachelle · 12 answers · 2mo

April is almost finished! Please rate your April this year between 0-10. Oh, hopefully, your May will be better than your April ya! You did well this month too! >_<

Telat sih ini tapi gue mau rate April gue 8/10. Not bad lah walaupun gila dikit.

Cordelia · 10 answers · 2mo

How will you spend your day without phone/any gadgets?

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