Your not-so-basic starboy

Auckland, NZ
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𝐊𝐄𝐍𝐙𝐎 · 26 answers · 9mo

Have you ever had someone you admire where every time they are around you feel so happy, when you see them wither you have the urge to support them maybe even anonymously. But on the other hand you are just comfortable with it, without going further to own it.

Someone on Earth · 10mo

Hi Nana! i dropped by to say tht you're kinda cute . . . ? And i was wondering if we can be friends ! Eh, is it okay to call you Nana? Because i find it cute, hehe !

Hello. That was so sudden but sure, I'd love to have more friends! And for Nana.. I would appreciate it if you choose another nickname for me because my friend is a keeper of that nickname so.. I hope you will give them mercy, haha.

Aurora Khione · 23 answers · 10mo

Daily check question by guin part 02 ! 🧸🪄


My downfall alters my perspective of life, mostly. Some sayings, books, and movies also play a part.

And there's this one quote that made me change the way I face problems:

"The past can hurt, but the way I see it, you can either run from it or learn from it." —Rafiki. The Lion King.

Jethro. · 9 answers · 10mo

If you had to rename yourself, what name would you choose?

Aurora Khione · 40 answers · 10mo


My dignity. I love how my brain always takes over when it comes to deciding things that are crucial to my key happiness despite being a feeler.

Sheronne. · 10mo

Yang cocok sama gue orang yang kayak gimana sih sebenernya

Someone who values action more than words and someone who's not completely dominant since there are times when your dominant side emerges that you only need someone who can say yes or just do what you exactly want them to do.

Someone on Earth · 10mo

Whose your fav gemini

Someone on Earth · 10mo

Hi, Nath? Uhm, so, you catch my attention. Not that I have crush on you (not yet) and I’m curious about you. May you give me consent to know you better? And do you set your eyes on someone or maybe you already have someone? Cause, yeah, of course, as you read this message, I have tendencies to be err— someone who give you euphoria of love and be there for you when you on your lowest too.

Hello to you! Pardon the late reply, I just opened my Retrospring again. It flatters me a little upon reading your message, I appreciate it a lot, thank you. For your questions, sure, let's get to know each other better. Maybe we can start off as friends? What do you think about that? You can keep appearing here or maybe, if you want, you can dm me rightaway. I'm fine with both.

sha 🩰 · 10mo

hey nathan! do you mind to follow me back? anw, any movie recommendations?

Hello, Sha! I have sent you one. Idk about your preference but I have two. If you're looking for something to make you cry then go for Emergency Declaration. But, if you like the thriller/mystery kind of movie better go for Contratiempo / The Invisible Guest. Hope it helps!

Jethro. · 10mo

First impression ke Jeje apa

Jaim orangnya. Di tl sama di dm beda. Tapi makin kesini makin menjadi diri sendiri sih di tl. Happy for you bro.

Jethro. · 10mo

Describe Jeje

My fellow ENFJ buddy. Talks a lot, a social butterfly whom sometimes feel like he doesn't have anyone, sometimes plinplan ya wajar masih bocah.

Someone on Earth · 10mo

Tell me trivia things about you!

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