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coward · 13d

haloh mbak udi.. blh mintol promosiin ca kt ke temen-temenmu? Tlg join x.com/cattopraks kl mau dpt ketoprak telor sebulan full yah, trims mbag 😅🫳🏻

coward · 2mo

eh peach peach sombong amat

coward · 2mo

oh ini peach peach itu

coward · 2mo

Kamu mirip ziyoung dehh

coward · 4mo

omg berjumpa dengan akun udy setelah sekian dekade... aku gk yakin mau menyapa properly karena dah lama bgt kita nggak berbincang tp aku one of your friend from the past... salam kangen...

halo!! maaf bangeeeet baru balas ;-( aku baru buka retro.. if you read this, siapapun ituuuu, pls let me know yah, sapa aja aku bakalan senang sekaliiiii!!! follow aja lgsg pLs ayo ngobrol karena request DMs akunku suka error ngga masuk ke aku. 🥹🤏🏻

janelle · 2 answers · 5mo

if you could stop everything for a day, what would you do?

mMm i’ll stop my routines and do things I never dared to do without thinking about the consequences?

coward · 5mo

izin abang idola panutan ini 🔥😘
soon to be closed agency @flameslik hadir menyapa sepuh-sepuh di desa cyber🫡
mohon retweetnya bang idolaaa, jangan kasih longgar king🕺
rispekk buat semua, kelas abangda kalau kasih paham ke desa cyber 🔥

coward · 5mo

Kurang-kurangin songongnya.

coward · 6mo

Do you want more friends?

🐣 moira · 6mo

ayafyu kakak udy 🩵

:( mwa mwa mwa, i love yiu too hue as alwaaays, my small pawkin is so cute. ♡

CLAUDIA. · 6 answers · 7mo

As human beings, we are always exceptionally good at mentioning a thousand positive things about others. Now it’s your turn, mind telling me what positive things you love about yourself, or what qualities you find attractive in yourself? I’m listening.

I honestly needed more time to think about it.. bnrn mikir lho aku! 😂 finally nemu juga, here we go!! I easily understood things I studied at midnight, like I could close my eyes and still remember things I heard?!?! it’s like I have my own world for the things I studied.. idk itu good or nah but i give it an A+ I always get compliments when I cook or bake something, soooo.. 👀

ng · 7mo

udy bantuin gw ajak temen temen join @ngeroleplayer dong, makasih ya udy

janelle · 7 answers · 7mo

what words that crossed your mind when you see my name

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