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Wordsmith · 3mo

day 3 : hey hehe i’m back ;) how are you? i miss you so much! it’s been a long time and i can’t stop thinking about you.

ᡣ𐭩 · 4mo

Selli, you’re so kind and i love and glad be friends with you. ♥︎

Wordsmith · 4mo

day2: hi sel, how was ur day? would you tell me a lil bit story about it?

Hey! I hope you're having a great evening, anon. My day was alright, just your typical average day. But I made sure to take the day for myself and do things that make me happy. It was really nice to just focus on me. Oh, and I even managed to fit in a workout. But right now, I'm feeling a bit bored, so I thought I'd try playing around with makeup to pass the time. ;)

Wordsmith · 4mo

day1 :: Hey sel, i really i hope that you have a Good day ya! Don’t skip breakfast, lunch, and dinner! I wish a BIG luck for today!

Hey! Oh my god you're early ya. Thank you! I hope the same applies to you and please stay hydrated. ♡

Wordsmith · 4mo

hey sel, aku mau izin SA-in kamu buat 5 hari kedepan, boleh gak? :D

Heho, anon! Sebenernya I don't mind tapi gapapa kah kamu nya..? 5 hari lama loh, you're so kind. Thank you ya... :(

Wordsmith · 4mo

lu jomblo gak sih sel? gw naksir bgt sm lu

finding nala 🕵🏻‍♀️ · 32 answers · 4mo

menurut kalian, orang yang gampang cut off tanpa alasan jelas itu termasuk red flag gak?

Hmm.. menurutku gak mungkin tanpa alasan sih. Dan cut off itu hak masing-masing, dan aku yakin their feelings are valid tanpa kita tau alasannya. Jadi, no, gak red flag!

Wordsmith · 4mo

Is there any opportunity for you to allow a man giving you a bucket of roses? (I’m offering as a gentleman itself)

Wordsmith · 5mo

Hello, Selian. It's been a long time since the last time I sent a retrospring to you. What makes you happy lately, if I may know?

Hello there, anon! I believe December has been the best month for me this year as I finally got the chance to meet someone I have been longing to see for quite some time. Anon, how's your December so far?

Vivianne Mackenzie. · 16 answers · 5mo

Drop your @ X, fellas. Let’s befriend since i need lots of friends to fill up my timeline. 🤍

Wordsmith · 5mo

km vinyl ink nya pake shade apa? cakep puol :o

HAAAAAA LUCU BANGET DITANYAIN BEGINI. Aku pake shade 62 irresistible, yaaah. 🥹

Wordsmith · 5mo

Hey, Selian. Yes, I am one of your mutuals. I hope you don't mind. :)

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