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dd🌺 asked 3 days ago · 10 answers

Do you find yourself creative?

dd🌺 asked 5 days ago · 10 answers

Can I get some compliments?

dd🌺 asked 5 days ago · 12 answers

When did you create your Retrospring account? (This can be seen in the Your Data page)

dd🌺 asked 5 days ago · 10 answers

Do you need a big hug or kiss???

Puniko asked 6 days ago · 17 answers

if you could take one game to a lonely island, which one would you take?

dd🌺 asked 7 days ago · 12 answers

Do you like having voice calls with online friends?

I don't do those :shrug:
And I prefer async talking anyway

dd🌺 asked 9 days ago · 12 answers

Who do you see yourself with in the next 15 minutes?

federal agent asked 13 days ago

How and why did you start programming?

I almost liked logic, playing with Lego, creating things that can do complex actions on their own, and so on; there was no way I wouldn't get into programming. As for "how", I found some C tutorial, skimmed through it, then my father bought me some C++ books, then I found Java… All this time I was trying to make some simple games, usually roguelikes, learning different ways to solve problems and to organize projects.

Epsi asked 23 days ago · 17 answers

You are now a giant fire-breathing dragon.

What are you gonna do?

dd🌺 asked 27 days ago · 10 answers

How much do you want to kiss a particular someone?

rq asked 2 months ago · 17 answers

How do you feel about thunderstorms?

rq asked 3 months ago · 15 answers

Do I have positive or negative vibes?

~lucidiot asked 3 months ago · 18 answers

How does your cofe/tea/water/favorite beverage of choice taste today?

dd🌺 asked 3 months ago · 11 answers

Are you tired of technology? Do you wish to return to rocks and stones?

Never to both, tech is cool, and if not, you're just holding it wrong

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