dd🌺 asked 5 months ago · 13 answers

Do you like having voice calls with online friends?

I don't have them often but I like having them sometimes
I do get shy around people I'm not used to though

Not all the time but sometimes.. I get overwhelmed easily by speech coming from multiple people too.

Rarely now. Most of my online friends don't speak french so it becomes an exercise in speaking english, so it requires more effort, and many will use platforms that I don't want to or can't use like Discord for those calls. I used to have many long MSN then Skype calls with french friends which have led me to learn programming.

It’s fun when I am in the mood to socialize but I am kinda shy at first x3 so I may not talk much x3

It can be fun, I rarely get the time to do it with online friends because I can usually only get on late.

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