SERAPHINA. · 8 answers · 6mo

if you could custom blend a perfume, what would it include?

I don’t know much but musk is a must. Also, something woody I’d say, like Sandalwood

i’m sorry.. i don't know much about perfume, but i really like perfumes that smell powdery at the end, but at the beginning give off a fresh floral scent, maybe roses?

I’d craft a scent that captures the rugged essence of a dense pine forest after a rainstorm, blending notes of cedarwood and fresh earth. Infused with the subtle warmth of leather and a hint of smoky vetiver, it would evoke the feeling of a brisk mountain hike under a clear, starlit sky.

Maaf banget I'm not that much into perfumes karena punya alergi, tapi ikut penasaran which perfume would suit me well yah.

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