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CLAUDIA. · 6 answers · 6mo

As human beings, we are always exceptionally good at mentioning a thousand positive things about others. Now it’s your turn, mind telling me what positive things you love about yourself, or what qualities you find attractive in yourself? I’m listening.

Oh wow, thanks Au for this. Haven't thought about it for such a long time, but I shall give a try. Maybe I'm a walking trivia for someone, I just feel the need to entertain them and lure them with something I like, make them obsessed about that things like I did. In a conclusion, I find myself interesting when I talk about something I passionate about because I always dig deep down into it.

Ad · 5mo

gimana caranya seleksi temen

Gak pernah intentionally seleksi temen tapi kayak bisa sense aja dari vibes nya, if we vibe then we vibe.

Ad · 5mo

adulting is hard, but is there something that you like about it?

Adulting is hard, making decisions ten times harder but at least, I did it by choice. I will say that making life decisions stinks and sucks but even though it sucks, I knew it was something I went for, by trying. Not having someone to put it down into me. Kinda like it tho.

Saint Lady · 5mo

Tanggapan soal match MU-Liverpool?

Lebih baik ditanyain ke fans nya langsung kak, udah cukup kak... jangan siksa mereka

Saint Lady · 5mo

Bentar lagi rame sama SA nih yakin gw.

Unknown · 10mo

Don, kalo gue nanya dijawab gak?

Unknown · 1y

kenalan boleh gAaaaKkkk soalnya pake ava Leclerc ur attempt to look cool is succeeded

Aku yakin sekarang kamu udah gamau kenalan soalnya aku bales 5 bulan kemudian, maaf ya sender 😬🫵🏽

Unknown · 10mo

don kangen. jarang keliatan skrg

Unknown · 10mo

how do you do to feel like alive again?

Taking a sleep for 24 hours, completely disconnect myself from everyone for awhile, doing something that I passionate about, watching movies, go outside and touch a grass with friends.

Unknown · 12mo

Say, is there any dumb thing that you used to believed for a very long time?

Believed that I actually have a good luck knowing my life is a series full of constant shit shows.

CLAUDIA. · 4 answers · 11mo

This comes to a cliche question; If money was not an issue, what would you be doing with your life?

I may be writing a full essay on this but one thing on the top of the list is leaving the country, starting a nomad life.

Unknown · 12mo

what do you love the most about F1?

Watching the pain in every tifosi knowing ferrari will fuck it up again, wilhelmus on the weekend, them doing all their might to make the cars faster, the "strategy", entertaining part about being sarcastic to their opponents. It's not just all about the drivers and their cars going round and round in circles.

Shaeneta · 8 answers · 11mo

what is your top 3 favorite movies all the time? wanna see sumnthin here ;]

Unknown · 11mo

Assalamualaikum ya ahli kubur

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