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Lemiel Philo. · 2 answers · 12d

Rekomen film atau anime yang menurut kamu baguuuus banget dong?

Anonim. · 21d

WAITT HAHAHA. This is the funniest thing I’ve heard in a while lmaoo. But didn’t Eren die, and Mikasa ended up with Jean? You’re funny though really, I would love to be a friend if you ever willing to change your mind about the follow.. 🤲🏻

Kenzia · 6 answers · 3mo

How many books have you read this month? Clap yourself and give a pat on your back for the achievement regardless of the number ♡

Killian · 5 answers · 4mo

How is everyone doing? Please tell me a TMI on your first two weeks of 2024!

Anonim. · 6mo

do you already set your eyes on someone..?

Anonim. · 9mo

I like you but my heart says you will not do the same

Hello, first of all, I'm sorry for responding late. I don't know if you're actually waiting for a response or nah, but anyways. It's true that I'm not seeking for any romantic relationship as for now.. May I know though, are we friends? Have we been friends for long?

Anonim. · 9mo

Hi do you set your eyes on someone?

Kael. · 3 answers · 10mo

what do you do when you're feeling blue?

If it was a small matter, I would go to the people close to me to find a bit of encouragement. If it was something big I'd pull myself away for a moment to.. well, sort my feelings? I'd analyze what it is that makes me feel so sad and deal with it my own way first. Then.. it's time for some binge watching.

Anonim. · 10mo

Kalo mau kenalan tata caranya gmn ya

Anonim. · 11mo

Are you super shy?

I'm super shy, super shy. But wait a minute while I make you mine, make you mine.

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