Hello, welcome to Zaylee Evanda Allison's place! Ask me one or two questions to talk, and I'll gladly answer your question.

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R · 13 answers · 1y

If you can choose a college major without considering financial situation and other things, what would be your major?

medical studies for sure. that's my dream since middle school. habis itu lanjut s2 to be psychiatrist

je-nyangi 🐈‍⬛ · 10 answers · 1y

who is your favorite movie/series/cartoon character? and why?

shinichi kudo/conan edogawa! he is my first fav character and will always be my favorite. smart as hell, caring, and my role model. everything he does never make me bored

Luniar, Selene. · 23 answers · 1y

let's imagine we're in a zombie outbreak. for how long -at least- do you think you'll survive? and what kind of weapon you'd use to fight them?

mungkin nggak lama, karena fisikku nggak cukup mumpuni buat berjuang. untuk senjata, tergantung! bisa pake apa yang ada, atau bawa kayu gede kemana-mana (jadi pelindung)

je-nyangi 🐈‍⬛ · 1y

hello, Zea! which season do you like the most?

spring! i like it when flowers are blooming and i know it shortly, it looks so beautiful. i love spring the most

R · 15 answers · 1y

If you become a warrior, which weapon will you choose; sword or spear?

R · 16 answers · 1y

Tell me the reason why you choose your current username for Retrospring.

it's the same username like my account on twitter, i love this username so much

Shanina♡ · 5 answers · 1y

guys, i'm planning to have a movie-dates with everyone. anybody want to be a volunteer? 🧍🏻‍♀️

Hizkia. · 13 answers · 1y

Selamat pagi, spill lagu SEVENTEEN kesukaan kalian dong.

theadora 𖤐 · 23 answers · 1y

Semisal kalian tengah malam ngga bisa bobo, kalian ngapain?🤔

nonton youtube shorts! atau nonton mv kpop yang aku mau, semisal bosen banget baru twitteran lagi

Amamiya · 10 answers · 1y

Pengen bisa isekai, nggak? Kalau iya, ke mana?

Hizkia. · 9 answers · 1y

What is your comfort food?

pancake and noodles. I sometimes make one of the two dishes for a small reward

Shanina♡ · 1y

mind to follow me back, dearest? :3

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