“There are some secrets which do not permit themselves to be told.” ― Edgar Allan Poe

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Spudella asked about 1 month ago · 7 Answers
Do you possess anything that contains real gold? Teeth count lol.

jewelry 👑 mostly chains though.

Spudella asked about 1 month ago · 3 Answers
Have you ever been 'led astray', 'went on the wrong path', 'taken a walk on the wild side'? All seems to involve walking. Stay home in a chair. It's safer.

Wrong and right ... Only consequences reveal if it was worth the journey. Fast lane or side lane- All lead somewhere..Where that is only that person knows. Personally I act on impulse but never risk what I am not willing to lose because I value a couple th


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Noshit asked about 1 month ago · 7 Answers
What's your drug?

Ke$ha and I quote...."Because ...You're Love .....You're Love is My Drug... My Drug" lol... It's a healthy obsession that if unchecked could wreck anyone.

Noshit asked about 1 month ago · 7 Answers
When do you want to be alone and when not?

(Alone)When I am working on meticulous projects that require much undivided attention. (Together)When I die- I'd like to think I meant something for loved ones to come together and say their last goodbyes.

Noshit asked about 1 month ago · 4 Answers
Isn't it ironic to look for love in someone who you know they're being unfaithful?

People don't look for love usually (love finds them) and has the dumbfounded to the point they seem masochistic because they tolerate atrocities such as infidelity.

Weasel asked about 1 month ago · 17 Answers
Do you use instagram?

I have not in a year or more. I prefer other image platforms for creative purposes.

Weasel asked about 1 month ago · 18 Answers
How do i get rich?

👏😈 you work with people who have power and influence. Or... 🙃🔪 scratch off many lottery tickets till you hit the jackpot!

Spudella asked about 1 month ago · 5 Answers
Dear God, please let the cab come on time cos I don't want stress and a meltdown. Is there such a thing as a city with too many taxis? I doubt it. 🚖 🚖 🚖

Amen... to that!

Dada⚘ asked about 1 month ago · 8 Answers
Need psychological analysis, girls put stuff between her boo*bs, I put stuff like cellphone between my legs, thighs actually?????

Too much humidity and radiation isn't good for the tid bits of anyone. A classic hoodie with dungaroo pockets lets ya fit that phone nestled in ya' arms like a tight little bug mate.

Wasserpistole asked about 1 month ago · 7 Answers
Have you ever been proud of your mother or father?

:D Better question is when haven't you felt proud of 'em #TeaSpill

Dada⚘ asked about 1 month ago · 9 Answers
How do you wash blood ?

In the dark. muaHAhaHAha.... and with detergent mate... ya don't want any evidence left behind- lol

Dada⚘ asked about 1 month ago · 9 Answers
When yo mama was pregnant with you what happened ? Me mom won the jackpot.

My mother moved to a new place. Under the circumstances maybe she wasn't economically stable but she made due and helped me get my best chance at life.

Spudella asked about 1 month ago · 3 Answers
Does ur phone spout random facts at you? "there's table salt on one of Jupiter's moons" Thanks. Good to know. Happy mining when u get there. Try not to litter.

I wish it did.... my phone is plane lazy and makes me look for the odd facts with every random search.

Weasel asked about 1 month ago · 12 Answers
What's good about being you?

I am honest- and at the end of the day would never give up on those I loved.... also (death to my enemies... hurrah!) cough

Spudella asked about 2 months ago · 4 Answers
A question from a quiz show I'm watching.. Which has the highest number, stars in the universe, neurons in the human brain or trees on earth? 🌟 👩 🎄???

Nothing higher that what we can not see but calculate by what is known so .... Answer A- (it was easy to eliminate the 3rd option because of humanities impact)