I am a man. That is me on the photo.

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Dingus · 7 answers · 2y

Say something, you blasted asparagus!

Merida · 11 answers · 2y

For how long is acceptable to stare at someone without starting to seem weird or creepy? It seems here in Spain we do that for longer than in other places lol

Merida · 7 answers · 2y

Isn't it terrible when you're hungry af and they serve your plate but it's burning like hell so you have to wait a bit? 😭

I can wait another 15 minutes, no problema. Soon heaven is here, meaning I will eat!

Merida · 7 answers · 2y

Can you be mentally balanced if everything around is a chaos?

Merida · 7 answers · 2y

What's the problem with people and the greetings, manners or politeness? Is it that hard to just say good morning, hello, goodbye, thanks, please, etc?

Pandy · 10 answers · 2y

In what ways has money bought you happiness?

Money alone cannot give you happiness, but you can buy a lot of stuff that can give you a short burst of happiness.

Pandy · 7 answers · 2y

On a scale from 1 to 10 (1 being super easy, 10 being impossible) how hard would it theoretically be for you to succeed in 'No Nut November'? (i.e. no sex or masturbation for all of November)

Daniel · 10 answers · 2y

How many retrospring users are there that you would kiss?

Maybe two or three of the women here are good-looking. Of course I won't tell the names.

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