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Cute Person asked 12 days ago

hi cute person

Cute Person asked 16 days ago

Have you ever known of a real life Shooter McGavin?

I don't know who that is but according to some random wiki:

Shooter McGavin is the main antagonist of the 1996 comedy movie Happy Gilmore. He is a talented but incredibly arrogant sportsman who delights in winning lots of money and praise while firing his caddies at will.

I guess I have known people like that? But during high school. Funnily enough one of the people like that in high school now is a model(?) kinda thing for in-university advertisements (of like study relayed things) so I am very happy to see him every day I go to uni (/s)

Cute Person asked 22 days ago

If you're frustrated with the notion that nice guys finish last, I recommend a feel good story called The Founder (2016). It’s about the early beginnings of McDonald’s and how it became the mega corporation that it is today. Hard work and honesty do pay off.

Oh yea because McDonald's is a company all for hard work and honesty, right

MxCraven asked 26 days ago

How is your bicycle doing?

Covered in cobwebs

My 4 wheeled bike is doing great though, might need a clean since its already summer

fristi asked about 1 month ago · 8 Answers


Cute Person asked about 2 months ago

Would you ride bikes with me? 🥺

sure craven, but we'll bike to the forest and have a picnic and not wear spandex

Cute Person asked 2 months ago

Why are you always busy smh

Who asked this 👀 Idk I'm just, meeting lots of friens

MxCraven asked 2 months ago

This isn't a question, but you are cute

This isn't an answer, but you are wrong. :pouts:

Cute Person asked 2 months ago

Do you have a favorite mixtape/album/artist? If not, what music do you listen to with your walkman?

I usually listen to whole albums or mixtapes I made myself (but they're just back-to-back songs without any fancy transitions)

I should find some cool mixtape artists tbh because composing music from different artists together is hard as fuck

Cute Person asked 2 months ago

How was your week? :3

Cute Person asked 2 months ago

Why are you so cute!?

1) I'm not
2) you're wrong
3) kdbsodgsjdbdisisjshdkshdjgdjsdufsooehdhdishdhdidydj

grillchen asked 3 months ago

why is gentoo the best OS?

Its not lol every os is bad and it very much depends on what for shit you can put up with

Avocatto asked 2 months ago

If you had 6 spare computers at home that you could use for any purpose, what would you use them for? ... Asking for a friend.

Uuuuuuhmmm this doesn't sound familiar at all, uuuh.... Idk I'm thinking about maybe switching from my server to a laptop as server purely because of the energy savings since I basically only have a load average of 3 on my 12 core server

But idk what to do with 6 computers tbh 😔

MxCraven asked 3 months ago

mewmew wuffwuff?

Cute Person asked 3 months ago

If you had 1 Mio €, what would you spend them on?

I'm assuming Mio stands for million? Uuh good question. Idk tbh, I know that I wouldn't go and use it all recklessly.

Idk things like these are hard to predict because I can say things now but almost be certain that I'd do something else in the moment.

I would probably keep a part somewhere for when I need it, and use it to """invest""" into things? God I hate that word. Probably would pay people that are passionate about cool projects and let them do that as a job. Like a lean activity pub server implementation. Or like, trying to fix the mess that is instant messaging.

Like there are people that are like, just stop working lol


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