Hi! I'm Epsi!

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dd asked about 8 hours ago · 4 answers

will the turbo nerd get a big ol hug?

vyivel asked about 1 month ago · 8 answers

Answer this question with a considerable delay: how patient are you?

dd asked 1 day ago · 8 answers

favourite letter of the alphabet or favourite numerical digit?

dd asked 3 days ago · 8 answers

Anything interesting happening lately?

~lucidiot asked 3 days ago · 6 answers

You have summoned the Helpzard (https://tilde.town/~lucidiot/winpixel/orig/120x226/helpzard.bmp). They are letting you pick one thing, anything, for which you want the most perfect, helpful, complete documentation about. Which manual do you want and why?

full pentesting methodology document

with inclusion of every potential field, going over multiple tools.

Kimby asked 2 days ago · 5 answers

Have you heard about dark fedi?

The dark side of the fedi is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be... unnatural.

dd asked 8 days ago · 11 answers

Do you prefer computing angles with 3x3 rotation matrixes (Euler with x-convention, (Φ, θ, ψ)) or Quaternions? Type EPIPOLAR GAMING in the chat!!

~lucidiot asked 8 days ago · 15 answers

What do you think of this cutie? [points at a mirror in front of you]

vyivel asked 8 days ago · 12 answers

Favorite plant milk?


If flavoured, then any. Vanilla flavoured oat/almost milk is amazing.

theking asked 9 days ago

How epsi are you?

dd asked 10 days ago · 13 answers

how tired are you

desea asked 10 days ago · 19 answers

Do you move on little cat feet?

Kimby asked 10 days ago · 6 answers

Favorite anime

dd asked 11 days ago · 12 answers

How many typos do you do while you type?

dd asked 12 days ago · 10 answers

Can you at least do one Fornite dance?

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