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A lil mew mew · 2d

Are you going to court Ennui now that she's confirmed single?

A lil mew mew · 3d

Would you prefer a girl or a boy as your child?

Lian · 14 answers · 4d

Lian?! But why?! I stand before you, ready to fite for reasons unknown. In the moments leading up to the initial clash how might you dissuade me from my course~?

A lil mew mew · 4d

What is findom and what is wrong with it?

Financial domination, you can look up various perspectives criticizing or supporting it, they will articulate it far better.

A lil mew mew · 4d

What's your stance on femdom?

femdom encompass a lot of stuff

like I don't mind most of it but things like findom seem sad and utterly hypercapitalistic

A lil mew mew · 6d

When it comes to unsolicited sexual comments on the Internet, are you more of a "would" or a "need" type of guy?

Lian · 15 answers · 7d

How powerful are you in your head space? Is it your final form? :o

My headspace consists of a small Shiba Inu that fires nuclear laser beams that can destroy suns

A lil mew mew · 7d

Can you undress? I want to chitchat with you.

A lil mew mew · 7d

How do I learn to talk with people? I see people around me have so much fun talking to each other, but every time I talk to anyone it's usually over in a minute.

Small talk is a skill that requires practice. I recommend watching YouTube videos on the subject. Then practicing as much as you can.

Gym saunas are often a good place to meet random people who often want to chat so you can practice banter. At least this is the case for me.

~lucidiot · 9 answers · 7d

Why do they call it oven when you of in the cold food of out hot eat the food?

A lil mew mew · 7d

Are you staring at me like that because you fancy me?

AMoonRabbit · 6 answers · 8d

Who is going to win the Euro cup? The English Privateers, or the Spanish Armada?

A lil mew mew · 8d

What would you do if I stared at you intensely from the other end of the room?

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