Daniel asked 3 days ago

Which clothing brands do you like?


Which clothing brands do you like?

I couldn't even tell you what brand 80% of my clothing is, the rest I only know because it has Old Navy or whatever smeared across it

I fancy a Turkish brand of trousers as almost all my trousers are by LTB. But this is totally by chance since they produce according to my shape and size and are very affordable too. Other than that I own a few items by Italian designer Alessandrini and th


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Levi’s, Nike, Söfft. Not a big brand person, but I do like those 3 brands consistently for the quality of the items and the manner in which they fit me.

South Pole made some really cool shirts. Other than that it's just various, whatever shirts or pants I happen to see that I like, I don't even pay attention to the brands.