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Anonymous Coward · 3d

i personally dont get what’s so bad about the current scanlations for kurose kun. it’s better than the machine tl that other ”tlers” provide at the very least

tbh when i qrted my old tweet i went more of the "someone else got to it first" route instead of the quality bc i'll be real i saw a chapter uploaded and i panicked and closed out of the page LOL i'm not looking at it

Anonymous Coward · 4d

is it okay if i take inspo from your synopse graphics for practice and maybe sharing with friends privately for recommendations?

Anonymous Coward · 5d

Do you know if there’s been a translation of Koi ni Naru Ni Yakoshii (to eng) yet ? You’re literally the only other person i’ve ever seen speak abt it and Im going crazy…😭

Anonymous Coward · 5d

do u have any tips for finding bl mutuals/friends?? 😭😭 not! i literally don't. i don't have that many myself...i just talk about things and pray someone notices me. alternatively i talk in scan group servers

Anonymous Coward · 6d

since you do typesetting, what’s your favorite font? :D

Anonymous Coward · 6d

do you have any tips for typesetting? i really want to try it

Anonymous Coward · 6d

regarding apps for ios. theres also "tachimanga", its the closest code-wise to the android app, only downside is that a couple features are locked behind premium while everythings free in the android vers. but yea

Anonymous Coward · 6d

how are u making/editing the synopses cards youve been posting? they look great

Anonymous Coward · 9d

i find it funny that the salaryman BL synopsis tou tled with a cute looking cover is not SFW and the one where the title is literally “can i do it with the deliveryman” with a cover where the mc is literally hugging the man boobs is SFW

i know 😭 like i'm actually surprised they didn't do the deed in takuhai despite what the content was about. tbh it would really benefit from a second volume

also yeah the salaryman one! the synopsis makes it sound like it's more drama-filled but it's a romcom!

Anonymous Coward · 11d

Did you see this new bl announcement the author is an eveP

oh? i haven't! tragic how the characters look like the standard top/bottom couple but what can you do. i'll keep an eye on it!

Anonymous Coward · 11d

bruhh i want your username so bad. how much money would i have to pay you to get your twitter username

hmmmm... i wonder. $100? idk. but i don't feel like selling it yet esp since it's associated with me a lot LOL

yayoi · 11d

REN3 THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH FOR THE APP RECOMMENDATION 😭😭😭😭 i’ve been looking for a manga reader app for bl for so long,,, i finally won’t have 12 hour screentime on safari anymore🎉 THANK U!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

np!!! it's not as mature as a certain other android app, but it's still pretty good!

Anonymous Coward · 12d

hello!! i just wanna ask what programs you use for scanlations,, im thinking of doing one for a manga im about to buy but I don't know where to start,,

i use clip studio paint for handwritten sfx and photoshop (beta) for everything else!

Anonymous Coward · 12d

ren3… do u happen to know a manga reader app in ios??

Anonymous Coward · 14d

what's your favorite cover song? it can be from any franchise or group that has covered a song

damn, good question. this one is making me think. i do know that i liked banyaro's cover of hot limit a lot (shouta aoi stonks...)

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