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Anonymous Rabbit · 13h

do you have any bl recs where the seme/dominant guy is cute or feminine? most of the ones i’ve read are the opposite or both masc so i wanna see more of this one… :> thank you!

alright let me think...

sadly a lot of bl with feminine tops (and bottoms) are mid as hell but i hope this helps...!

Anonymous Rabbit · 14d

ren have you read seinen dreamy..

Anonymous Rabbit · 26d

do you like milgram by any chance?

Anonymous Rabbit · 29d

Ure so cool i wanna be friends wit u

Anonymous Rabbit · 1mo

hi.. do you know any renkae fanartists maybe… i usually go through people’s likes to look for them but since they’re hidden now i don’t know where to find them 😭😭😭🙏

try searching up "練楓"! it's the jp for renkae. if you want kaeren, look up "楓練"!

Anonymous Rabbit · 1mo

anything on your readlist atm? i’m looking for something to read :>

i actually haven't been reading as much lately bc i'm busy coding 😭 but i've been keeping up with GUSH serials, worth the wait, and check you out!

Anonymous Rabbit · 1mo

I can guess from your RTs but i want to ask anyway: what are your fav 18trip ships?

kafkae is endgame as we all can tell... i'm curious about what the hell tenren have going on. nanakae is cute one-sidedly. kagukura seems cute too!

Anonymous Rabbit · 1mo

how did u learn japanese? do you have tips

hmmm i lived in japan for a few years and also took a class for it but that's obviously not enough! there's a good amount of resources out there. two good websites would be themoeway and itazuraneko!

Anonymous Rabbit · 1mo

hey ren, love ur tls + resources, theyre rlly useful! do you have any recs for ‘unexpected’ ukes/semes (in your opinion or as part of the plot)? thank you :)

thank you!! i'm glad! as for the other part... haha, i answered this a while back! i haven't seen any new ones since then, but ooshima's hana to arashi no regret seems to have one!

Anonymous Rabbit · 1mo

i got interested in 18trip because of your retweets of them hahaha 😭 do you have any english guides for the game?

sadly idk of any eng guides for it but people have been making translations! the gameplay isn't too hard so you shouldn't have any trouble. here's a resource page of sorts!

Anonymous Rabbit · 2mo

i just wanna say that the moment that i saw ushio and tao, i immediately thought "ren's gonna like these two for sure" glad to know that i was right lmao

HELP???? ok... i'm sorry for being predictable. i think i'm gonna be tao soon if i don't make it to jury duty

Anonymous Rabbit · 2mo

you really like normal characters..!

yep!!! the more normal they are the better! tho it's kinda specific kind of normal. bonus points if they have an inferiority complex!!!

Anonymous Rabbit · 2mo

who in 18trip have caught your eye so far? and why

Anonymous Rabbit · 2mo

been meaning to get into 18trip for the yaoi boy, what are your thoughts on the game so far?

it's alright! the gameplay itself is pretty easy. tower defense, but tourism. ushio is...popular as hell god help me

Anonymous Rabbit · 2mo

do you have any idea why the anilist bl manga you link may redirect to a 404 page instead?? i already signed in and turned 18+ content on but sometimes they still won’t show 😭😭

no idea... bc 99% of the time the case is that. like, double check that you signed in probably?? i'm sorry 😭

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