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fristi asked 4 months ago

What do you like to sip on a warm summer day?

Alcoholic? Pina Colada ideally. If not, then any good summer beer

Non-alcoholic? Iced cofe is nice, but also just water in ice. Juice diluted in sparkling water is also good but I'm too lazy for that.

A lil mew mew asked 4 months ago

canada is cute and you are cute

dd asked 4 months ago

what's your favourite question?

Anything that doesn't involve the word "sip" at this point

A lil mew mew asked 4 months ago

What do you think the biggest pressing issue is in the tech space?

Biggest issue is hard... If I could narrow down my three biggest concerns:

1) Addressing security 2) Supply chain issues 3) Consolidation of tech services in a few increasingly expansive tech companies

A lil mew mew asked 4 months ago

What is the best way out of capitalism?

I don't know any best way, it's a slow goal that takes time and will involve some measure of pain. One of the number one tools of the rich and those in power is to sow division between us. I'm not well read on Marxist theory, but it often talks of uniting the lower classes into one voice and one will. This is one part that I think will form the soul of any anti-capitalistic movement. As individuals, we have little power. Co-operation is required.

Apes alone weak, apes together strong, etc.

Neo asked 4 months ago

oh no

now people know I'm actually Hatsune Miku

A lil mew mew asked 4 months ago

Furries? 🤔

Furries are fine. I'm not really a furry myself, I think, but I enjoy kemono art. I think it's cute!

dd asked 4 months ago

What do you find interesting when following people on social media platforms?

It's a hard question to answer because I think everyone has tidbits and experiences that you can learn from, and that interests me. Frankly, most people have interesting qualities, if you're curious enough. Sometimes you have to dig to find those qualities.

Generally, I tend to favour users who have multiple interests, who engage in a hobby, who share insightful things, who are interested in interacting rather than just preaching to the void. But also users who are just kind works for me. It varies. Not a useful answer, I guess.

A lil mew mew asked 4 months ago

What do you think of Canada?

Geographically, it is a beautiful country. The people are generally nice. But also, we are a nation of untapped and squandered potential. Our people are have become a bit more polarized of late thanks to American influence and shallow politics. However, it still has more positives than negatives. It's not ideal, but it's decent.

A lil mew mew asked 4 months ago


A lil mew mew asked 4 months ago

Does your dick have cheese?

A dick should not have cheese if you wash it.

A lil mew mew asked 4 months ago

if you could go on a date with someone on fedi, who would that be?

I'm not particularly romantically interested in anyone on fedi atm.

So idk about dating, I would like to hang out with all the fedi peeps I interact with often. I would love to meet-up and have a brew.

A lil mew mew asked 4 months ago

can you ride a bike, do you own a bike, what type of bike/frame do you prefer?

I can ride a bike, I do...own one...it's rusted and the tired are completely flat since I haven't rode it in over a decade. There are probably spiders all over it.

Last time I went mountain biking was a few years ago for the first time and I dislocated my shoulder so I'ma say I'd just buy a road bike and stay on trails. I do kind of want to try mountain biking again...just at a slower pace and maybe not down the rugged mountains of a foreign country like last time.

Luna Saphira Dragofelis asked 4 months ago · 5 answers

Opinions on macros in programming?

I'm not really a programmer anymore, I primarily read code nowadays. So to me, I prefer to not see macros since it adds difficulty when reading. But I just see my job like how a mechanic sees theirs, I just take whatever rolls into the shop and deal with it. The result is that I'm rather ambivalent on many programming preferences.

A lil mew mew asked 4 months ago

Do you ever get tired of people wanting to sip you or calling you a lil mew mew?

Sometimes I get a bit tired of the sipping one. It's not often done but it when everyone spams my notifs with it I usually stop responding. Usually I'm the one calling people lil mew mew so that's fine.

At least people are better with it than another meme was was going around where everyone was responding to even my serious posts with "epsi maid outfit". That one started getting dumb, especially since I'm a masc dude and it was like every post people were responding with that. With any fedi meme, people just need to not spam it otherwise it gets really annoying.

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