Aderyn Ursa · 36 answers · 7y

What does your perfect date look like?

Um, well, I don't have a perfect date in mind, but I'd like for it to be something were we get to move around a lot so maybe something like roller skating or swimming in nice lake. :3

Well, I rather be somewhere we can be alone, maybe the beach, so we could do what we wanted within reason without dealing with assholes.

Well, I like to do various things depending on who I'm taking out, but I usually like showing off my cooking so generally try to do home dates or picnics ;)

Honestly I'm not picky, as long as we can talk mostly in peace and have something to eat at some point, I'm good lol

I'd love to go eat somewhere nice, where we could talk for hours and then finish it all of with some dancing~

A picknick by the beach and then a long walk together along the water and maybe even some star gazing if the weather allows it~<3

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