Aderyn Ursa · 15 answers · 6y

Do you ever think about dying and do you have a fear of dying?

I'm sure pretty much everyone thinks about it at least sometimes, so yeah I do, but don't really fear death itself. Just kind of nervous about how I'd go sometime, you know?

Well, mom tried to get the fear out of us, and for most part she succeeded with me at least lol

Well, mom has raised us not to fear death as long as we die for a good cause...

Well death is inevitable so I'm not really scared of it. I do think of it sometimes though.

I don't think about it until I'm actually close to dying and then I just try to survive really lol

I don't usually think about it, but when I do I think I'm not scared of it. Then a minute later Im terrified of it.

Sometimes I do. It can be easy to have depressing thoughts. I don't fear death myself, but if say Kiki were to die I'd be scared of that.

I have a fear of dying. It hurts me to see my brother die... but he's died for me so I would die for him. I think that's the only time I wouldn't fear death was if I could save him in some way...

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