Aderyn Ursa · 17 answers · 6y

You drank waaaaay too much at a party in Vegas and the next morning you find yourself married to Saori... (Ik, Ik eeeewww) what do you do? xD

Cry my eyes out, I only want to marry Io and even after getting a divorce I'd have still have lost my first wedding experience TT~TT

No thank you, I'd rather be single my entire life than marry Saori, so we're getting that annulled as soon as possible and forgetting it ever happened... <_<

Oh dear! Well, I would definitely insist we get that annulled right away as I have no interest in being married to her.

Wtf? I'd take one for the team and do a libra suicide where I would die but she would too

Well... I think I'd have to take drastic measures unless she didn't instantly help me null it...

I'd get out of it in anyway I could and probably never touch alcohol again for the rest of my life..

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