Aderyn Ursa · 17 answers · 6y

Who among your friends do you think will survive the longest during a zombie apocalypse and who do you think will die first? xD

Honestly, Ara would probably die first, but of course I'd do my best to keep him alive if we ended up together, as for who would live the longest... probably Kirsi.

Honestly out of my friends it's probably going to be either me, you or Ikki, but I mean I'd do my best to keep my friends alive as long as I could

lol, is that a trick question? Because obviously it'd be you. As for who'd die first... hm.. I'd say Misty, not that he's a friend, but seriously, he prob would if only because he'd be distracted by like a mirror or something. xD

Hm.. well, judging by those who have answered your zombie quiz, I'd say Nova would be most likely to survive the longest and Saori or Misty would die first.

Hm.. tough question but I think you'd definitely live a long time, being an expert and all.. hm, maybe Aravind would sadly die first, at least if he was alone, the poor dear does have a terrible attention span after all

I'll make sure Seika survives the longest and pretty sure Sorrento would find some way to die...

I think either you or Seiya would live the longest and not sure who would die first, but I know it could be me ;_;

Well, Seiya or you will prob live the longest and I think Aphrodite or Misty would die first

Well, I say it's between me, Shun, you and Nova. As for who would die first, I wish it was Pandora, but it will more likely be Saori...

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