Delicate pulchritudinous buoyant primrose florescence.

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And if the faith bring you here, what do you want from me?


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topu tsutaya · 1mo


AHAHA halo.. Maaf ya, lagi sibuk banget karna deket UTS banyak tugas nangis jelek

Oh look, who's here? · 2mo

Do you set your eyes on someone?

I do.. I do set my eyes on someone lately, he catch my attention from the very first day.

Oh look, who's here? · 2mo

Who is the lucky person that catch your attention? Is there someone on your mind, pretty?

Oh look, who's here? · 2mo

I've been so busy since a lot if things weird happened to my college schedule, and my class too, but I hope it will be better sooner. I'm glad knowing that life treat you good, dearest cat!

Kayanya iya kecapean, I barely have my time to rest lately, a lot of things make me stressed when I think of it, but worry not I always eat well and also drink my medicine;) thank you for worrying about my condition, I hope you'll never get sick, a good cat would be excited and all happy, semoga semuanya lancar ya, tugasnya juga semoga dapet nilai baik! Have a great day ahead, please do eat well, black cat. <3

Oh look, who's here? · 2mo
Oh look, who's here? · 2mo

I see, I'm still enjoying my holiday for now, semoga semua tugasnya lancar ya? Jangan lupa istirahat dan makan enak biar nggak kecapean nantinya. Totally right! I do play genshin Impact and still waiting for Natlan, it will be amazing I guess. Seafood ya... Mhm, crab? Or perhaps tako? Cumi sama udang juga enak! Cuma biasanya kalau seafood nggak luput dari kerang ya?

Oh god.. What a precious and adorable gift, thank you for being such a good one. I don't get a lot of gifts this Valentine and I'm so happy to see this gift from you, little black cat:] Ini lucu banget, I love the gift and I'm so glad to be someone who accept it. Hehe.

Oh look, who's here? · 2mo

Hallooo kak Leoo! Bisaa spill gak ya beli kacamata yang mirip kayak Jay itu dimana? 😔

Hi! Sure, I would love to share the link. Kacamatanya beli di shopee, I'll drop the link di comment ya.

Oh look, who's here? · 2mo

leo leo leo gomonyi!! :9 rise and shine and tons of luck for everything that you want to do today. i'm wishing you for the best, though i already know apapun yang leo lakukan selalu akan menjadi yang terbaik, hihi. anyway, how was your sleep semalaaam? enggak ada nyamuk or mimpi buruk yang menghampiri leo 'kaaan?! 😱 don't forget to grab your breakfast too, anyway. aku harap waktu baca ini nanti kamu udah makan banyak dan kenyaaang yaps!! :< 🐈‍⬛

Hii, good late evening sender. I'm really sorry for my late response, been so busy and tired lately. I hope you will forgive me for that, sweet black little cat. Thank you for this heartwarming words, I'm so grateful to see you around. I hope life treat you good today, tadi ikutan nyoblos nggak? Is there any interesting things that happened today? I just eat my dinner and I feel so full, gladly. Semoga kamu juga udah makan enak dan kenyang ya, sender? Have a great night ahead!

Oh look, who's here? · 2mo

heeeey leo! :0 not one of your mutual but you were happened to pass on my timeline and i found you're a little.. little bit attractive. {still a little but i'm sure it would be increasing in a short time :c} do you perhaps.. currently setted your eyes on someone? if you're currently not, is it okay if i'm planning to be your secret admirers for the next few days? 🐈‍⬛

Hello there dearest sender– or should I call you with little black cat instead? This is kinda surprising and adorable at the same time, just a little bit? I hope it will be "So attractive." Instead?;) No one catch my attention lately, I'm so happy to see this message of yours, why should I say no? I'm sure enough having you as a secret admirer will make my day better than usual, I hope you can sleep well for this night, have a sweet dream!

Romano Vince. · 2mo

Thank you for existing, Leo. Everyone here is cherishing your presence so keep it up!

Thank you so much.. This means a lot, your existence means a lot too. I hope life will always treat you good, you deserve all of the good things.

Oh look, who's here? · 3mo

you seems sad lately leo :( are u okay?

I'm alright, thank you for worrying about me. There's some little problems but I can handle it!

Oh look, who's here? · 3mo

It would be good if you are my baby, Leo.

Oh look, who's here? · 3mo

is there someone who catch your attention lately? i guess i attracted to you hehe

Tebak sendiri dong? Masa harus dikasih tau, maaf ya mau jadi orang misterius 2024.

· 26 answers · 3mo

If you had to be born as an animal in your reincarnation, which animal would you choose?

Auriga. · 9 answers · 3mo

cara pdkt sama orang gimana sih klo kalian? gua lupa cara pdkt yang baik dan benar bjir

First step, tell them if you're attracted. And then ask for their permission, biar bisa tau apa mereka available atau nggak kalau buat dideketin.

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