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𝓐 din · 14 answers · 6mo

kebiasaan kalian sebelum bobo ngapain?

lil friend! · 8mo

rate this song from 1-10 https://youtu.be/nTcj2-cZRrk

lil friend! · 8mo

Hello my dear! I'm so sorry for my very late replies, thank you so much for spending your time for me, I'm so grateful that you're choosing me to be my support system! Of course I'd love to be friends with you if I'm not late (oh I am...) the same word goes to you my dear, XOXO.

Hamza · 8mo

If you were born as an animal, what could it be?

Hamza · 8mo

Your type of bf / gf?

Someone who willing to listen to my daily rant also doing the same thing to me, seek me as both lover and friends not just a lover, someone who I can share my opinion with.

awa · 8mo

miyaaaaa-miyaa! aku sayang kaaaamu ‹𝟹

lil friend! · 9mo

Hey hey! I had trouble on sleeping too a few days back, kept waking up from bad dreams. But ever since I started sleeping with the lights on, it's been better, even though my sleep's a bit less comfy. My day was pretty alright. I just took a big step, hopefully I made the right call. Super glad to have you around too! We can exchange stories and lots of good vibes. Oh, I've got a song you might love to hear! Kindly check out "From the Start" by Laufey! 🦢

Hello little one, I am very sorry for my another late response😢 Oh my, I hope those bad dreams will get rid as soon as possible so it won't bother your sleep anymore. Anyway, I've been listened to your recommendations, thank you for giving me such a beautiful songs to hear pretty. I'm so grateful hear that you be able to took a big step, I believe it will be a right call for you! By the way, i might be unable to reply to any message you give me in the future, I feel a bit unwell today. Please do take care of your health my dear, the weather aren't good at all these days.

Keysha · 10mo

halo ka na cantiiik, selamat malaam!! malem ini jangan lupa mam yaa, good job for today, proud of you kakak!! 💗

Sayangku I'm so sorry for my late replies, I'm also proud of you cantikku! I love youu❤️

Kaleandra · 10mo

Hello, I’m the sender from ssefnum. May I get your follow back, please? Thank you!

Ivy · 10mo

Hiii, aku sender yang di ssefnum! Boleh minta follow back nyaa? :o

lil friend! · 9mo

Good morning, Shalillah! How was your sleep last night? Do you mind if I will be your support system for the next 3 days? Anyway, have a lovely Wednesday! 🦢🎀

Oh my dear, thank you so much for choosing me. I'm a bit struggled with my sleep last night, but I am better now since I've been sleeping all day today. How's yours sweetie? Do you have a good sleep? Also I love to have you around.🧺💐💌

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