Openly questioning your sanity picking my house considering there is an extremely affluent neighbourhood only two streets further.

hi sorry its a mess in here but take a seat, if theres anything in the fridge /pantry youd like lmk

Looks up from the mummy that he just decorated with various charms - Oh, hi! - Says raising his ears in surprise and then sighs, looking around the open canopic jars on the table. - Sorry for the macabre spectacle, no one is supposed to get to my embalming room. Anyway, I'll talk to my ushabtis guards later... Do you want some tea? - Offers with a smile after snapping his fingers, burning in flames for a couple of seconds, enough to burn any remains or stains on him and being instantly presentable. He makes a friendly wave of his hand, inviting you to follow him through his temple to a place more suitable for visitors.

you could just knock, i would let you in, and whatever is you want we can at least have a discussion about

but if you're gonna use force i'm gonna have to find and disarm you, then have that discussion. and that's just no fun.

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