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Kalila · 12mo

what’s your favorite type of cuisine?

Something that tastes light and comforting since I barely handle strong flavors when it comes to cuisine.

iza · 12mo

mana punya aku

My other half, my pretty Iza. I’m not expecting we’ll go this far, to be surrounded by you is something I’ll be forever grateful for. A cute damsel I’d love to keep in my treasure chest forever, your bubbly side successfully lifts the mood. Lovely to have you by my side.

Ace Bently. · 12mo

Thoughts on me.

If there is a question like “Who is the person behind your smile during your lowest state?”I’d mention your name immediately. Words never be able to fathom how much I owe you, and how big the impact is given to me since day one we talked. You’re that silly but generous and supportive sort of brother, those dad jokes of yours that keeps painting a smile on my face and successfully cure my sadness away. You’re worth thousands of reasons why you’re here and you only deserve good things in life.

Rasigla. · 12mo

Thoughts on Gaia? ;)

Teteh Gaia is someone whom unexpectedly can match my energy to the fullest, you’re also someone that I can talk to without me getting bored of your presence. Thank you for sticking up with me until today, teteh.

Kalila · 12mo

abang rekomendasiin aku film atau series yang bener bener bagus gitu dong

I’ve said this to you so many times, Dead Poets Society! The Pursuit of Happyness is also a (chef’s kiss) but these two movies are heartfelt ones, make your you have tissues on your side, as for series abang’s personal favorite goes to The Queen’s Gambit.

Yvaine, Miwa. · 5 answers · 12mo

Aku lagi makan oreo blackpink.

Kalila · 12mo

if you could travel anywhere in the world right now, where would you go and why?

I don’t really have a specific place, nor country to pay a visit to. However, since I was born and raised in a big city full of crowds, it’d be nice for me to go somewhere with greenery and far away from the city, it’ll be very lovely, I presume.

Marshall · 12mo

Thoughts on Macal pls Finn

You’re super competitive, it’s still fresh on my mind the way you weren’t willing to stop to play Gin Rummy because you haven’t had your wins yet, and of course, it was fun and to be brutally honest you’re really fun to be around with. Gin Rummy, please?

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