Curiousity killed a cat. Meow.

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Anonymous Coward · 9d

Sa.. sa.. rasa sayange rasa rasa sayange

Ián · 9d

Abang esa! Aku cocok gak kalo pacaran sama Yuya????

anna · 2mo

if you could swap lives with any fictional character for a day, who would it be and why!!

Jean · 5 answers · 2mo

Kamu terjebak dihutan tanpa peralatan apapun, apa yg akan kamu lakukan?

Jean · 4 answers · 2mo

10 menit lagi kamu akan kehilangan penglihatan selamanya, siapa atau apa yg ingin kamu lihat untuk terakhir kalinya?

Jean · 7 answers · 2mo

Kalian kebelet pengen berak, tapi pas masuk wc atau toilet kalian menemukan 5 kecoa disana. Apa yg kalian lakukan?

Jean · 3 answers · 2mo

Buah/tanaman liar apa yg ga dijual dipasar, tp kalian pernah makan itu?

Jean · 4 answers · 2mo

Saranin 3 lagu kpop buat non kpopers yg ga suka kpop

No one. · 14 answers · 2mo

What do you guys usually watch on Y*utube? I'm trying to find something new to watch.

Some old kpop videos, old indonesian music video, stand up comedy... and many more

Cordelia · 10 answers · 2mo

How will you spend your day without phone/any gadgets?

Rachelle · 12 answers · 2mo

April is almost finished! Please rate your April this year between 0-10. Oh, hopefully, your May will be better than your April ya! You did well this month too! >_<

Since its June already, what about I rate my May instead? Hehehe sorry for the tardy response anyway. And, i think its 5/10? So so.

Jean · 5 answers · 2mo

Kalian ditabrak sm anak bos batubara, trus kalian dikasih duit 1M biar nama baik beliau ga rusak. Mau ga?

Jean · 2 answers · 1mo

Saat aku duduk di sungai
sahabatku menghampiri
tanpa sadar aku menangis
dan dia pun berkata...
hey pasti kau berak

Shas · 7 answers · 1mo

hiiii coming here to give you a song to listen to!! today’s song recommendation from Leticia: Dept ft. Rangga Jones - All I Need!! 👯

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