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Anonymous Coward 路 2mo

Gimana mau kangen kalau aku ga tau siapa kamu sender? 馃え Please don't be! Rest assured, I'm currently trying to read and watch my favorite ones so i can get more motivation 馃樇 I eat a lot too... I hope you can get enough rest today! So true, can't enough of it. I have bought it before, I don't think i can make one... Well, I'm planning to find the most delicious milkbun in this world! :D

Anonymous Coward 路 2mo

hi lily! it's been a while since the last anonymous message I sent. how are you? do you have any new food interests?

Hello! You are back again, welcome!! c: To be honest, lately I have been losing interest to do anything but I'm working on it to find some motivation [cries], thank you for asking btw! May i know about you too? I DO! I just discovered my new favorite food and it's milkbun #FOMO, i love the taste and texture so soft 馃ス

Hunter Felton2mo

Suka yupi gak kak?

Anonymous Coward 路 2mo

Kk kasih aku rekomendasi tontonan seru

Kalau movie coba Jatuh Cinta Seperti di Film-Film! Kalau nyarinya series bisa nonton Parasyte The Grey, tapi kalau mau yang gemas coba Kimi ni Todoke!


hy lily, mending basreng apa cilor?


kk lagi suka nonton apa

Aku lagi nonton Queen of Tears, Amidst a Snowstorm of Love, sama Teasing Master Takagi-san! 馃ぉ

Maisie Ivory2mo

Lily gimana Aprilnya so far!!!

So far so good! Kayaknya karena habis lebaran kemarin jadi seneng lagi banyak liburnya (walaupun capek) kk cantik gimanaa!!

Anonymous Coward 路 2mo

if you could pick one out of Doraemon's pocket, what would you choose? 鉁

It might sounds basic but I want "Pintu Kemana Saja" 馃ス Imagine you can use it to go to all the places you want in second! Pulang ke rumah bisa langsung tidur! Too good to be true 馃ゲ

Nino 7 answers 2mo

There鈥檚 always the first time for everything. Now tell me; What was the first movie you watched and what do you think about it?

I don't clearly remember which movie but i think it's Harry Potter? A movie that i will never get bored to watch it again over and over again. Although i know it's still not as perfect as in the book but i truly like the movie! Even i think i (almost) remember all storylines.

Rachelle 14 answers 2mo

Don't forget to smile and always be happy, everyone! :]

Anonymous Coward 路 2mo

lily lily, udah weekend aja nih. ada rencana aph di weekend ini

Weekend ini sibuk me time sama persiapan buat lebaran, yeay! Belanja dan siapin ini itu aduh ribetnya 馃樀鈥嶐煉 tapi seru sihh. Anyway, may you have a wonderful weekend yaa anon!

Shas 12 answers 2mo

menurut km, idol yang vibesnya kayak ningning siapa?

Anonymous Coward 路 2mo

lily how's your thursday?

My thursday went well! Thank you for asking, Anon. Hari ini udah mulai libur so i have so much time for myself alias tidur seharian hehe. I had good meals too! Walau sedikit bosen ga tau mau ngapain sih... Let me know yours too but I hope your day went well too!

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