Lysandra Isabella.

Consciously replacing the old negative thoughts to positive ones.

Okinawa, Japan
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♡ asked 2 months ago

Poro poro Pororo.. poro poro pororororooororooo. Sudah makan belum mniez?

♡ asked 2 months ago

Ani ayu beli serabi, i love you bertubi-tubi

Asa asked 2 months ago · 6 answers


Sergio asked 4 months ago · 10 answers

How do you deal with boredom?

anna asked 8 months ago · 18 answers

if you could pick a celebrity man/woman as your valentine, who would it be?

Hugo asked 8 months ago · 7 answers

be friend on twitter, anyone? need more friends to do interact on my twitter zone :]

if you are okay with someone being loud and talking about their bias a lot, please do click the link on my profile :D

Vibiy Callister asked 8 months ago · 13 answers

Walaupun hidup 1000 tahun bila tak...... apa gunanya

Easton N. Grice asked 8 months ago · 8 answers

would you rather go shopping alone or go to the cinema alone?

♡ asked 8 months ago

if you could be any fictional character, who would it be?

Annie from AOT! for some reason, her personality fits me well 🚶🏻‍♀️

Avery Barsha. asked 8 months ago

💐. hello lyra! glad to see you and how’s your day going? i hope are getting well btw if you don’t mind can you follow me back, lyra? thank you!

hello, Avery! yesterday was really tiring for me :( but, I hope today is better. and followed! i'm sorry, I just scrolled down the inbox.. may you have a blessed day ahead! 🤍

anna asked 8 months ago · 25 answers

recommend me some of your favourite youtube channel dong

DUO PENGACARA AND RIZALMUK PLEASE. kalau mau yang ngakak nonton rizalmuk aja!!!

‘ kaila ! ఇ asked 8 months ago · 22 answers

good evening :3 how’s your day so far?

good evening, Kaila! my day went well, I guess. how about you?? was it good??

Jupiter asked 8 months ago · 8 answers

If you drinking coffee, what is you favorite coffee? If you don't, your favorite tea maybe?

I don't like them both.. tapi kalau disuruh pilih di antara 2 itu, aku milih teh (milk tea or matcha) :D kalau kamu gimana???

Isabby asked 8 months ago · 16 answers

do you set your eyes on someone?

b. asked 8 months ago · 3 answers

Have a great monday! Don’t forget to stay hidrated🫶🏻

thank you, Ayin! hope you have a blessed day ahead and stay safe, pretty 💙

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