“Hope is the Thing with Feathers.“

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A penny for your thoughts?


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Nyangie · 9mo

What was the last thing you have eaten?

Avery Grambs · 13 answers · 9mo

do you believe in manifesting? have you ever done it?

actually, no. i believe that fate simply plays its course. so, whether you manifest it or not, it will still happen no matter what.

Shiori. · 23 answers · 1y

Hello, i offer you to be my friends on twitter! you can delete this message or if you want please reply. ♡

hi, Shiori, i don’t see why not. you can find me on twitter.com/anaheigm but feel free to drop your handle so i can follow your first!

Nyangie · 1y

What would you do if you woke up with someone else next to you?

i’d freak out for sure. 😭 no matter who was it laying next to me i’d prolly kick em out of my bed and Mark Lee wouldn’t even make an exception.

K. · 1y

hElloooo, Kanna? how was your day?? anw, mind to send me a follow back?

hi there, Sheera. ‘twas a stressful day because of the ticketing and all but i made it in the end, thankfully! what about you? a follow has been sent okie. :]

Adelyn. · 1y

Hi Kanna, I like your retrosping profile!

oh i wasn’t expecting a compliment, thanks a lot, Adelyn! i like your choice of colour too. the blue is somewhat calming.

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