Aurora Khione · 13 answers · 9mo

do you believe in manifesting? have you ever done it?

actually, no. i believe that fate simply plays its course. so, whether you manifest it or not, it will still happen no matter what.

eee.. i do..? but also 50:50 cause i thought prayer and manifestation were one and the same (tapi masih belum yakin banget dan belum banyak denger kalo both of them has the same meaning)! and yes! i have :D

I believe it sometimes. And I did once or twice, it did work!! Now, I’m gonna manifest that I get the chance to watch Young K solo concert next month 🕯️ {duitnya masih ghaib tapi}

I do believe it. I have manifested my cell phone, yes this cell phone. It took me about 2 years to make it happen (lil bit pricey). Yes I saved for 2 years and now I have managed to get it with my own money.

Yes? I mean it's like doa. I am doa-ing everyday. The specific that it called manifesting

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