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If you wrote a book about falling in love with someone you can't have, what would the last line be?

“...Though the fate may be not ours, may the winds sing your name to me while I sleep.”

"...and so, the time goes on. Yet the now playing on my music player still shows 'Tampar' by Juicy Luicy 24 hours on loop."

"For me, you're a flower. If i like you, i might pick you, and have you until you wither. But no, i love you. That's why i choose to take care of you from afar, rather than picking you up and having you forever."

To be with you until the end of the line is only my promise that I made for myself, not ours, so I shouldn't have been holding to the line since there's no other end, because I'm alone holding it.

“And finally, this train trip that I’m on for years stopped; still, without you beside me.”

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