why limit yourself in choosing between a pretty feminine aesthetic or a dark one? if persephone can be the goddess of spring and queen of the underworld at the same time.

Oslo, Norwegia.
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? · 32 answers · 1y

what song did you unintentionally find that later became your * hyperbole * life-changer?

Welcome to The Family by Avenged Sevenfold. That song really makes me think that life is normally going like that, like "so reckless, tragedy endless" and that's totally okay.

? · 42 answers · 1y

do you ever confess (romantically)?

I did, but it doesn't turn out good. Too damn tiring to make someone loving me, looking at me, choosing me. I don't wanna do that again, I'll never catch a love but I'll attract a love. Soon.

Kaleysha. · 8 answers · 1y

How to tell friends of your ex that still keep in touch with you, but they always telling you about your ex, while you didn't want to hear anything about them anymore?

just tell them that you're uncomfortable with that. as easy as that. elaborate it, say sorry, and thank you.

? · 29 answers · 1y

have you ever made a well-thought-out song playlist? do you mind telling me further, the cause you created it or who you dedicated it to?

i made it for my ex. a playlist collaboration with him. the name of playlis is "i stay". i'll never change it, 'cause yes i stay with him until now. i will.

Sky. · 4 answers · 1y

How do you deal with the heartbreak from someone you really care about who has passed away?

i... don't know? 'cause until now, i still texting him like usual. even though i know that he'll never reply to my texts again. hehe.

? · 23 answers · 1y

what's the most bitter told you've ever heard?

my mom once asked me why she gave me a birth. lol. not that bitter but somehow makes me cry

愛恩 · 5 answers · 1y

when you're hungry at the middle of night, what do you usually do?

? · 23 answers · 1y

is it just me or has retrospring gotten dry day by day ...?

Sky. · 5 answers · 1y

If you wrote a book about falling in love with someone you can't have, what would the last line be?

"For me, you're a flower. If i like you, i might pick you, and have you until you wither. But no, i love you. That's why i choose to take care of you from afar, rather than picking you up and having you forever."

Sky. · 3 answers · 1y

Aku pernah ngobrol sama seorang teman. Dan dia bilang kalau “cinta habis di orang lama itu bener adanya. Dan aku kayak ngerasain itu sekarang.” Kalian setuju enggak sama kata-kata itu? Dan alasannya?

depends. kadang karena terlalu kasih segalanya buat cinta yang lama, jadi kehilangan 'semangat' pas ketemu cinta yang baru. bukan habis, mungkin butuh jeda buat nemuin semangat itu lagi. however, if you find your true love... everything feels so beautiful and have the meaning.

Jo. · 15 answers · 1y

What your wish for this month?

i wish i can love myself more, respect myself, know my worth, stop blaming myself, be a better person for me and everyone around me. amen.

Milan. · 1y

Seruni, dari sekian orang yang naksir lo apa gamau lo toleh sedikit aja?

your dearest. · 1y

Jangan mau mutualan sama @ ocveanic tukang selingkuh, gatel sana sini deketin orang yang udah ada gebetan & pacar, problematik, sok keras, main rombongan, suka ngaduan, hati hati pacar lu diambil dia haus kelamin

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