Amabie Lecter-Graham
Between the stars and constellations!
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Sky. asked 6 months ago · 2 answers

How do you deal with the heartbreaker?

I let them.. I don't want to drain my energy for them. :(

Because for me, if I scold them and tell them how I am mad, it can drain my energy and I would feel like drenching under the rain. It's best to let them free and keep our distance. 😢

Mario. asked 6 months ago · 10 answers

Indomie favorit kalian varian apa?

Secret Agent asked 6 months ago

nilai lagu ini dari 1-10

Cella asked 6 months ago · 12 answers

Awal juni kalian aman apa udah dibantai?

Isabby asked 6 months ago · 8 answers

how's life?

I thought everything's just going well so far, I am still reaching out for everything, but still going good!

LoRa ⭐ asked 6 months ago · 5 answers

mau bisa main alat musik apa?

BIOLA HUHU, dulu waktu SMP sampe minta beliin, tapi nggak dikasih karena mahal.. 😭

Calcil asked 7 months ago · 12 answers

HALOO, gimana harinya?? rate dong buat hari ini berapa 🤨🤨🤨

8/10?? SERU karena bisa balik ngobrol lagi sama temen, tapi kerjaan kaya menumpuuuk banget rasanya (aaaaaa teriak).

LoRa ⭐ asked 7 months ago

what's your favorite activity?

Sleeping... BUT, these lately, I really looove playing with block toys, guess that's my favorite activity for now!

Aiden. asked 7 months ago · 8 answers

Antique or brand new?

Aiden. asked 7 months ago · 9 answers

Describe yourself with 3 words.

asked 7 months ago · 9 answers

Did you have a great holiday guys? Dan selamat beraktifitas kembali besok! ♡

YEEES, I got a great holiday, tbh! I could get lots and lots of rest, finishing my watchlists, etc etc. 😆 Selamat kembali beraksi juga, Namimiiii. <3

Calcil asked 7 months ago · 8 answers

does life treat you well?

So far, life's been treating me quite good! I enjoyed my holiday very (veerrrry) much, sooo it's nice. :D

? asked 8 months ago · 14 answers

can you tell me your favorite idiom(s) and what its means?

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