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Anonymous asked 6 months ago

you're not dating Ian, are you?

m asked 6 months ago

Aurora lagi mandi, rambutnya basah

Aurora Wrenley ⪩⪨ asked 6 months ago · 21 answers

hi love! i need your opinion, do you mind? im thinking of changing my pfp from somi to hanni from new jeans. do you think i should really change to hanni or stay somi? TIA <3

Ianos. asked 6 months ago

I want a desc and imp too. :]

Dewani asked 6 months ago · 3 answers

If you're sakit gigi, apa yang akan kalian lakukan kalau belum beli obat sakit gigi

Anonymous asked 7 months ago

rate this song from 1-10

Dewani asked 8 months ago · 3 answers

How's your weekend?

b. asked 8 months ago · 1 answer

have a great day, give yourself a good pat on the head for surviving another hard day🫂

b. asked 8 months ago · 1 answer

Thoughts on Ayin/Binar?😼

Ramah banget, terus hawanya cantik gituu. Let’s get closer, shall we?

rai ★★☆ asked 8 months ago

roraaaaa tell me ur favorite songgg

The first one is What It Is by Doachi, the second one is Separuh Napas by Dewa 19, and the last one is How Far I’ll Go by Alesia Cara.

Ash asked 9 months ago · 44 answers

how does it feel to be loved by someone?

Aurora Wrenley ⪩⪨ asked 9 months ago · 27 answers

reading books is an activity that is believed to help relax your brain for a moment when you are stressed, so what’s your favorite book, my dear friend?

b. asked 9 months ago · 4 answers

What is your pet peeves guys?

Aurora Wrenley ⪩⪨ asked 9 months ago · 30 answers

good eve, retrosp friends! long time no interact . . so, how are you today? is everything going well?

Dewani asked 10 months ago · 5 answers

Sudah dapat berapa cokelat kemarin? Apa selain cokelat dapatnya?

I forgot about this one, kayaknya dapet deh. Berapanya lupa.

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