Aurora Khione · 25 answers · 1y

good eve, retrosp friends! long time no interact . . so, how are you today? is everything going well?

good morning, raquelle! 🤍 everything is going so well, i'm enjoying my days so much. how 'bout you? is everything fine?

good morning, raqie! today had just begun, therefore I was unsure of my current emotions. but I hope a lot of positive things will come and make my day brighter than yesterday ☀️🌻 hope everything goes well for me and you

today is greaaaat, agak sibuk (sok) terus capek juga sedikit, tapi oke semua 👍🏻 i can handle.

Hi, Raquelle. Yes, it is. I barely opened my retrospring account and there are bunches of questions that's neglected by me, I feel sorry for them because I couldnt replied them asap. To be frank, I am all good and fine. And how about you, Raquelle?

Sugeng ndalu Raquelle! Hari ini agak kurang baik soalnya hari pertama mens. Kalau kamu gimana nih harinya? Thanks for asking anw!

Good evening too! These two days have been good, I think I started to know how to enjoy the process in something that I'm focusing on. Wish me luck for this year and good luck for everything you do as well! <3

Hi Raquelle, think I'm late about 1 day :] but I'm doing well, everything goes well tho. How about you, my beautiful retrosp's moots, Raquelle?

hello there pretty raquelle! today quite well selain kejadian warung naspad yg tbtb muter oceans & engines pas lagi makan😃🫵🏻

Good evening! Sejauh ini baik-baik saja. Malam hari untuk istirahat. Jangan pikirkan hal berat. 🙆🏻‍♀️

Good evening, Raquelle! Thankfully, yes. This week somehow burned me out, but I had enough rest today. Hbu?

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