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Can anyone recommend me a movie/series to watch?

The maze runner? The walking dead, twinkling watermelon, moving, weak hero class, duty after school. Kalau film barat tuh ah aku ga hafal judul nya

10 things i hate about you! if you want to start with heart fluttering movie and a man called otto if you want a good cry

The End of the Fucking World and Queen’s Gambit. But if you like the thriller mystery one I’d like to recommend you Agatha Christie movie such as Murder on the Orient Express.

I'd highly recommend watching 'The Queen's Gambit.' It's a captivating series that combines chess brilliance with an engaging storyline!! 🙈

If you’re okay with a sapphic series, I highly recommending Killing Eve. Also 1899.

If you are into sci-fi fantasy, I recommend The Host. It has the same author as Twilight but it was executed better.

Do you like k-drama? I'd like to recommend Reply 1988, Hospital Playlist and Love, Lies for the movie.

Man in love (movie), better days (movie), sad me a cry river (movie), love will tear us apart (movie).

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