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Mayie. · 18 answers · 6mo

drop your kasmaran song dong, hehe? :3

BANYAAAK! 1000x by Broods & Jarryd James, Sweetest Pie by Megan Thee Stalion & Dua Lipa, Denting by Petra Sihombing, Just The Two of Us by Grover Washington!

edith ☆ · 7mo


edith ☆ · 7mo

kk cabi di mcd suka pesen menu apa!!

HUFT kl aku jawab 14 hari lalu aku pasti jawab nugget, kentang sm mcflurrynya.. ☹️ Kl skrg aku pilih goreng nugget sendirii!

edith ☆ · 7mo

kk cabi lagi ngikutin series atau drama apaa!! :0

APA YAAH.. Yang kemaren ituu yang Life on Our Planet ajaa, sama paling nebeng nonton Doona kalau sodaraku ikutan nonton. T___T Kl dd apaa? :3

edith ☆ · 7mo

kk cabi lucu banget profile pagenya kaya bubblegum!! >,<

IHHH TIMAKACII punya dd Eduth juga lucu soalnya warnanya BARBIE BGTT COCOK SAMA DD N LILY. :3 LOVE U DD < 3

edith ☆ · 7mo

top 3 muse kk cabi utk main rp siapa ajaahh!!

SIAPA YAH.. Paling ngga jauh-jauh dari Jennie, Rosé sama Joy aja dd! Kalau dd Eduth siapa? :3

edith ☆ · 7mo


I LOVE YOU DD EDUTH KESAYANGAN AKUUU!!! Please always be happie dd I love you so so so much. < 3

Rumaisha A, J. · 8 answers · 7mo

What kind of thing made you learn lately?

It might be related with content that I always share lately. I learn a lot about humanity and justice. No specific reason but it truly an eye-opening experience to read about lots of injustice and colonialsm issues that currently happens around us.

Rumaisha A, J. · 11 answers · 7mo

What kind of thing made you grateful lately?

I could write it all day long since there's a lot of things that I feel so grateful for. But here, I'll list a few:

I am grateful to be surrounded by a very warm family who will provide everything I need, grateful to have a very caring boyfriend who always be here for me, and having lots of sweet friends & acquaintances who would accept my flaws. < 3

C. · 9 answers · 7mo

What do you think the best way to not give a fuck?

It will be varies depends on the problem that we currently face. But for me, I think by not taking everything personally [pls take a note that this is a very personal]. Or if you have to, sometimes it's okay to stop following them in social media for the sake of your sanity. < 3

Lessa. · 7mo


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