Asher Wilhelm.
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Angels. · 8d

keren trs kenapa yak

Thank you? I don't feel that way actually, but thank you, I'll take it as a compliment.

Laskar. · 5 answers · 3mo

Menurut kalian, kalian hidup untuk hari ini atau masa depan? Kalau boleh tau alesannya kenapa?

My perspective centers on seizing the opportunities of today, mindful of the unpredictable nature of tomorrow. With each sunrise, I acknowledge the gift of a new day and celebrate its blessings. Rather than dwelling on uncertain future outcomes, I prioritize living fully in the present, striving to make each moment count and finding gratitude in the simplest of joys.

Sebastian · 14 answers · 16d

What's something you've always wanted to try but haven't had the chance to yet?

In my plans, I've envisioned raising a sugar glider, adding a new feline friend to my family, and celebrating a birthday picnic. Regrettably, these dreams remain unfulfilled due to a lack of opportunities. Thus, they persist on my wishlist, awaiting the right moment to be realized.

Willie · 29d


Dimarahin kan? Yaudah, yaudah sih saya juga dimarahin, yaudah berarti elu dimarahin gara gara ngelawan mak sama bapak lu, bener gak? Emang gua ngelawan? Ngelawan apa coba, nih tadi barusan buktinya apa tuh, Willie mandi. Emang gue mukul? Tapi kamu gak mandi kan? Ya kan mandi, siangnya.

Nik. · 1mo

heh sender lo bisa ga jangan buat thread kaya gini lo bisa kena air mata yang kendur memang bgtu ya ajg ga peduli dengan penampilan di media cetak maupun elektronik yang penting untuk menjaga jangan lupa untuk menilai apakah Anda pernah mengalami hal yang aneh aneh di rumah

Milan · 1mo

Sama-sama jomlo newbie semoga bisa jadi BFF, ya. 👊🏼

Milan · 1mo

Matsue. Kenapa jarang ngobrol kita.

Naina · 14 answers · 2mo

What if someone you never expected say 'i love you' romantic way (not platonic)? How do you respond?

I've been in this situation, depending on who says that to me, if that's someone who steals my attention, it's an opportunity for me to say "I love you more" besides that, I would be much shocked over their feelings and appreciate them so much if they're someone not too close to me, appreciated their courage to express their feelings.

Angels. · 2mo

ngga tau kamu udah naksir orang apa belum, tapi boleh ngga kalau aku naksir?

Not a big problem for me and may I ask? have we chatted before or perhaps you're one of my mutuals?

Angels. · 2mo

be haappy!

Same goes to you, Angel. Please be happy always, much joy and happiness awaits in the future.

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