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shakie 𐙚 · 41 answers · 2mo

lagu apa yang lagi sering kalian dengerin akhir-akhir ini?

Anonymous Coward · 2mo

what's your MBTI❓

A. Malik · 7 answers · 2mo

What are the things you are grateful for in your life so far?

I have my God, i have good peers, i have my family, i have Taylor Swift and i have my own self (but not so)

Anonymous Coward · 2mo

if you could pick one out of Doraemon's pocket, what would you choose? ✨

Michiru Arashi. · 14 answers · 2mo

Hi all, can you suggest me something to draw? I want to draw something tapi gak tau mau gambar apa.

Cer. · 20 answers · 2mo

Hi, everyone! This is shoooper random but what is your most-used emoji? 🧐

Fale · 14 answers · 2mo

Few days left before i reach my 21st, what usually people do on their birthday? I kinda want to do a little celebrate for myself

Ah guess i'm late for this, so, happy birthday Fale! May this year be your greatest year

Darren · 2mo

Hi hi hi pretty! Can i get follback?

laskara. · 11 answers · 2mo

guys. Edisi bingung part sekian. What should i do first? making layout or lanjut nulis au?

ؘ · 2mo

hi Naina, i got your retrospring from menfess. mind to gimme a follow back? thank you :)

Hello there pretty Keyin! The follow has been sent, thank you for reached me out ^_^

Eve · 3 answers · 2mo

Kapan terakhir kali naksir orang sampai kayak orgil?

Eh jujur gapernah sampai cegil gitu. I always put myself first and draw my own boundaries so as not to over love someone to much. Is important to maintain self-worth and peace i might say :3

Ares. · 7 answers · 2mo

Ping! Cewe-cewe cantik. Boleh rekomendasiin cream blush yang oke apa ya?

Tavi!! Warnanya cantik, buildable dan ringan. Tapi aku biasanya pakai orange color corrector ajasi kalau lagi light makeup

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