Junique Bebyanne.

Emmène moi à Paris.

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Yovee · 6 answers · 9mo


Sebenernya aku suka semua genre HAHA. Mostly dengerin Jazz, Bossanova, Pop, EDM juga dengerin. I also into Britpop and Western/Indonesian old songs.

Cathy · 10 answers · 8mo

saran kegiatan buat ngilangin kegabutan dong, biasanya kalian ngapain?

Cathy · 13 answers · 9mo

kamu kalau lagi suka seseorang biasanya secara brutal ugal ugalan atau pelan pelan take it slow?

Cathy · 11 answers · 9mo

kepo nih, did you set your eyes on someone? 👀

𝒜smara · 9mo

Hey, this is Asmara, the sender of today's menfess. I'm all about making new friends, so what's your favorite nickname, and can you spill a little TMI about today?

Hello, Asmara! Sorry for late reply. Just call me Beby by the way. Today’s TMI: bingung ngapain soalnya gak ada tenaga buat kemana-mana. :D

Yovee · 13 answers · 9mo

misal kalian lagi punya hubungan
kalian itu tipe yg keep in private atau pda guys?

Daniel Leo · 14 answers · 9mo

What's your always go-to food whenever you don't know what to eat atm?

I usually order Solaria or Mcdonalds. Tapi kalau gak males gerak biasanya ku masak sendiri paling sering bikin Fu Yung Hai or Fried Chicken.

Cathy · 14 answers · 9mo

tell me your favorites food dong! 🤔

Cathy · 8 answers · 8mo

camat pagii! what's your plan for weekend? ✨️

Wyatt Hudson · 15 answers · 9mo

What is something you’ve always wanted to learn?

I always really want to learn to play instruments. I want to try guitar, piano and many more.

Wyatt Hudson · 9mo

Mind to recommend me some songs?

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