Wyatt Hudson · 15 answers · 10mo

What is something you’ve always wanted to learn?

Arts! I have been very far from being good at arts even though I want to learn them moreeee. I'm not creative enough to do arts (sobs)

Drawing! Aku selalu iri sama orang yang bisa gambar soalnya i'm very very bad at it 😭

I always really want to learn to play instruments. I want to try guitar, piano and many more.

everything. i always never feel enough, n i always think that we have to keep learning until we die.

Fencing, I really want to learn fencing. It’s all because I saw Na Heedo in the Korean drama called “Twenty Five Twenty One,” and it seemed incredibly cool.

It's a self control. I've got this thing where I'm always striving to keep my cool, you know, especially when things don't quite pan out like I hoped. It's like this personal mission I've been on for a while now. I reckon it's all about staying level-headed and not letting the bumps in the road ruffle my feathers too much.

racing! yet, there are numerous reasons why i hesitate to give it a try, but the foremost one is my lack of courage :]

Selalu pengen serius belajar main piano dan mandarin. Dari dulu belum pernah kesampaian.

Dari dulu pengen bisa main drum. Tapi belum ada waktu buat bener2 belajar mainin drum.

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