Wyatt Hudson

Delight in serene melancholy.

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Nabiel. · 3 answers · 6mo

Hey guys, how was your Monday and Tuesday? Is everything going well? Because those 2 days are bad days (biasanya).

Hi, Biel. Yesterday was good but today’s been awful. How’s your day treating you?

Anonymous Coward · 6mo

Seru liat obrolan kalian (Isaiah, Naya, Kent) di reply.. asik ya punya temen kaya kalian ber-empat..

Hahaha kaget ada yang liat obrolannya. They're good friends. I’m sure you’ll come across incredible buddies too, or perhaps you already have people who cherish you. May you always be surrounded by good people!

Gebiel Edelio · 11 answers · 6mo

What did you do to cheer yourself up? I need some idea.

I often find comfort in chatting with my girlfriend, she has her own way to cheer me up. Apart from that, I usually take a good nap, waking up tends to improve my mood.

N · 5 answers · 7mo

Any suggest name fits me? I need to change a bit of my name for some purposes.

Miyii · 9 answers · 7mo

guys saran menu makan malem selain ayam geprek dong....

Parisa Moon · 12 answers · 7mo

Have you watched the latest Netflix series causing a buzz, "Doona"?

⋆⑅˚₊ ʚ ɞ · 7mo

It's Sunday night, Kak Wyatt —⁠☆ How's your today? Great? 😼 I hope so. Or is there anything you want to tell? 👀 Tomorrow is Monday, always take care of your health, keep spirit and don't forget to smile. 😁💓 Please to ✍️ it down!

Hey, Yui! I’ve just opened my Retrospring. My weekend was wonderful, as I spent it well with my loved one. Your reminder is much appreciated. I wish the same for you. Take care of yourself and be happy, Yui!

Junique Bebyanne. · 3 answers · 7mo

Suggest me a netflix series or movies, please. Thanks a bunch!

If you're a thriller enthusiast, I'd suggest 'Ballerina.' I haven't finished it, but it's quite good so far.

Noa. · 5 answers · 8mo

Hi, mind to tell me how's your day going?

I had a great day! It wasn't hectic at all, which allowed me to enjoy it. And, the happiness I got from talking to my boyfriend was the best part.

Nath. · 2 answers · 8mo

Do you think aliens in a distant galaxy have their own version of reality TV shows?

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