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Someone · 7d

Soalnya suka liat cara lu ngobrol sama temen-temen lu 😔 Maaf ya kalo aneh semoga gak mengganggu 😔 Gue cuma suka liat cara lu interact sama your mutuals 😔 Sayang banget gue bukan salah satu mutual lu yang deket tapi gpp 😔 Jangan lupa istirahat disela-sela kesibukan lu itu 😔

Thanks for complimenting me on how I interact with my mutuals, I truly appreciate it because I was an awkward potato before reaching this stage of life. By the way, jangan sungkan buat ngobrol ya, gue usahain akan selalu balas mention.

Also, thank you for reminding me to take breaks between my schedules, I hope the same goes for you.

Have a nice day!

Anya · 5 answers · 8d

Happy long weekend! Now that you are two days in the long weekend, any epiphany or realization coming in these days? Let me tell you mine; mine is realizing I need to reach out to people a lot more. How about you?

Aletheia Jane · 5 answers · 9d

Forget about Hogwarts house, which Divergent faction do you belong to, and why?

Jupiter · 6 answers · 14d

Hai kangen kalian deh. Lgi pada sibuk apa? :"

Weston. · 6 answers · 20d

Anyway, any suggest for releasing the toxicity mind before it becomes a form of bad habit?

Honestly I just stop thinking sometimes, like not thinking about that thing that makes you overthink. 🤒

Aletheia Jane · 9 answers · 20d

Your honest thoughts towards this user?

bumi · 23d

whats ur favorite quote to live by

Pertanyaan susah. Cuma kepikiran “what comes around goes around” karena I don’t live by quote but principles.

Someone · 1mo

(A secret recipe from me though please don't disclose this one) One shot of espresso/2 tablespoon ground coffee (SARING AFTER YOU DILUTE IT!), 1 tablespoon of creamer, one box of regular full cream (yang 225ml itu), a pinch of salt, and a pinch of pepper. There you go one classic spiced cheap latte! Have it a try.

I never thought someone would recommend me to put pepper in my coffee but that’s interesting. Oke, thanks ya!

Someone · 1mo

Weep.. I still have no courage to follow you, but a question to ask: as a fellow Westerosi have you ever tried to learn the language of our Mother of Dragons (High Valyrian) in Duolingo? 🤓☝🏻 See that Monday is always kicking off the headstart in many ways, I wish you best of luck for the days onwards. Syz biarves.

P.S: You reminded me of the smell of Saff n Co's Solaris.

Unfortunately no, I have not. I just discovered that too? Might give it a try kalau gak males ya.

Well, that’s kinda different. Why Solaris?

Someone · 1mo

Starting off quick to say that I've been admiring you—and as well getting know the fact based on your last tweet that you've been drinking coffee a lot, I'm thinking about should I (a barista) pour a slight kick of pelet for us to actually start to.. have a casual talk. (I'm a total coward)

A barista? Cool! Well, I have several coffee machine (dari canggih sampe traditional giling sendiri) that I can't operate, except by my parents & brother. Maybe you could teach me how to operate them? Feel free to shoot me a follow; I will follow you back as I always check my account.

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