"...Weightlessness, no gravity. Were we somewhere in-between? The Phantom of Opera is there. Within the labyrinth of thoughts."

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The Enigma. · 21d

It's alright. As long as I can watch you from afar is enough, as long as I can see you're happier than before.

I don't think witnessing from distance is adequate to lasting our friendship. I do happy with my life everyday, but I would be more happier if you are a part in it. After all, The more is merrier, isn't it?

The Enigma. · 22d

I miss talking with you (as close friends). we didn't fight nor have grudges, only grew distance through time. still I cherish you greatly.

Sweetest soul, you are so dear to me. I am fully aware that I am not good at maintaining friendships, I regret that I've always struggled to embrace my friends close to me :'). However, I want you to know there is no barrier between us, you can slid into my mention tab or DM whenever you want. Once a friend, forever friend to me. May the force always be with you! XX.

judith 🫧🐚 · 22d

kak keaaan, lagi suka baca buku apa akhir-akhir ini? :3

Judyyy! :3 Dua bulan belakangan aku lebih banyak baca buku fiksi! #TMI April lalu aku baca Orang-Orang Proyek dan Namaku Alam, bulan ini rencana mau baca Pulang (tapi belum terealisasikan...). Kamu lagi baca buku apa, cantik?

Helen · 13 answers · 1mo

What are your habits when you're in love?

It has been a long time since I last developed my feelings for someone, but I tend to express my interest toward them directly once I have no hesitation with my feelings.

Weston. · 6 answers · 1mo

Anyway, any suggest for releasing the toxicity mind before it becomes a form of bad habit?

I'd rather to throw them out of my mind or maybe you could keep yourself occupied to restrain yourself getting drowned in them.

Helen · 10 answers · 27d

km pikir ak pnya bnyak tmen? cih ntuh f-ing 800-an bnyk inactnya. jd, mw kh km mnjd tmnku? hrus jd bestot !

Gerrard. · 2 answers · 1mo

Hi guys, just wanna tell everyone that I'm selling games and apk premium needs. And soon I'll open my business account on X, you can follow or check it out here

Will check it sooner when I need them! Thank you for the information, Mahesa. Semoga lancar usahanya!

Helen · 5 answers · 2mo

mie ayam atau bakso?

Kens · 2mo

Folbek aku pleeeeess

Langsung pengen blokir kalau disuruh-suruh gini. Sorry ya aku gak bisa dipressure anaknya.

The Enigma. · 2mo

Kenapa yakin amat mau sama Hugo? Dia kan ceweknya banyak. 🫢 Kalau belum jadi, pikir ulang kak

Eh...? Sebelumnya aku mau bilang makasih banyak ya karena mungkin niat kamu ngirim ini baik untuk ngingetin aku dan bahasa kamu pun cukup sopan, tapi izin ngasih saran boleh gak, sender? Kalau kamu ada rasa gak nyaman sama Hugo coba DM dia aja yaa. Diobrolin baik-baik. Semoga harinya menyenangkan, yaa.

MJ · 4 answers · 5mo

Happy new year, everyone. May 2024 be your best year!

MJ · 9 answers · 5mo

Lebih susu coklat atau kopi susu?

Callysta. · 13 answers · 7mo

Hei, hei, mau dong dikasih rate buat tema retroku yang baru!

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