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Curiosity will revive a dead cat after all


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Faceless Sphinx · 3d

What’s your top 3 perfume for men?

mancera's gold prestigium and givenchy's gentleman. haven't really found the third perfume

𝒜. · 3 answers · 4d

I need everyone to drop their signature scent right now. 💐

currently it's either narciso rodriguez's for her and parfum l'atelier opus 1 belle joueuse!

Saint Lady · 10 answers · 30d

Describe your type.

Saint Lady · 9 answers · 1mo

What's your favorite thing to do that bring peace to your inner souls?

eating ice cream! and probably gathering and talking with my friends and family

Faceless Sphinx · 1mo

Have you been talking to anyone recently?

Alrik · 6 answers · 2mo

Not a Q, but I hope you enjoyed your break and may things go smoothly as you’re back to the routine!

thanks alrik! i hope you too enjoyed your break and hope things less suck now that you are back to the routine

Alrik · 6 answers · 2mo

What’s one song that you heard in 2019 and somehow never left your playlist(s)?

mac ayres' easy, of course. guaranteed i will find it in every playlist i made in the past, and probably will be in the future

Cherise. · 3mo

tell me tell me, do you set your eyes on someone lately?

Salazar Cedric · 16 answers · 5mo

Kalian lebih prefer pacaran sama temen atau pacaran lewat kenalan sama orang baru?

Faceless Sphinx · 6mo

Hi Anya. Gue mau nanya. Gue punya mantan yang ngajak balikan sekitar sebulan setengah lalu tapi gue tolak. Sekarang gue denger kabar kalo neneknya sakit dan dirawat (gue pernah ketemu neneknya beberapa kali pas ikut acara keluarga dia). Menurut lu gapapa ga kalo gue jenguk atau minimal nanya kabar neneknya ke dia?

hmmm i think it depends on a) how do you think they will react and b) do you really want to do it or not?

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