Aderyn Ursa · 20 answers · 6y

If you could pick someone to get stuck on an island with, who would you pick and why? ;)

Kirsi of course, there's a few others I wouldn't mind, but would definitely prefer being stuck anywhere with her

Valko because then I wouldn't mind being stuck there forever, in fact, I might welcome it. ;)

Mm.. was considering a few people that would actually make my life easier, but fuck it, will go with Koga just because I need entertainment and maybe he'd stop being dense. smirks

Hm, I guess I'd pick either Ara, Isaak or Seiya because I believe we be able to survive most things together, plus maybe we could have some fun as well if we were stuck there for a long time~ ;)

(W) I'd pick Mii because I believe she'd know what to do and I know we can work very well together ^^ (B) I'd pick either Frey or Freya because lord knows I could use the release after all the bs Saori puts us through and I know enough about survival to keep us both alive for quite a long time as long as the island has some sort of fresh water source... hmm... when I think about it like that... Ara might be the better choice as he can provide fresh water.

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