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Genevieve E. D’Hebert · 10d

Sejak kapan kita followan Retro?

sejak kita mutualan twitter, Eve.. did you forget me? your tweet just stumbled upon my timeline.. kaget kita ngga followan twitter ternyata..

Evander A. Vanezio · 45 answers · 11d

If today is your last day on earth, what would you do?

uhm... I would go to travelling a day with my family, quality time gitu ceritanya, soalnya bakal ngga ketemeu selamanya.. :c

Evander A. Vanezio · 35 answers · 12d

Apakah ada yang mau followan/mutualan di X? Kindly drop your @ below!

Habi · 7 answers · 10d

Random banget tp isi playlist untuk orang yang kalian sayang lagunya apa aja?

dulu, aku buat playlist isinya based on lirik yang falling in love gitu deh.. :$

𓆩♡𓆪 · 10 answers · 14d

How do you guys cope with sadness?

CAYANG KAMU LAGI KENAPA... niasanya aku lebih ke nangis dulu, ay.. nonton anime atau movie yang sediiih banhet.. terus habis nangis terus bobo. 😔

𝑅𝑢𝑖𝑘𝑎 · 6 answers · 25d

are you good at sports? olahraga apa yang kalian jago/suka?

· 24 answers · 2mo

Hey-ho! Mind telling me your top 3 desserts? ^~^ (mine are softcakes, macaroons, and chocolate pudding!) 🫧

Genevieve E. D’Hebert · 5 answers · 2mo

Kalian pada pulang kampung nggak?!

Louise. · 6 answers · 2mo

Hi! I’m in a mission to expand my playlist. Can you give me recommendations of songs that you have been listening to lately? Any genre are okay!

Inori · 7 answers · 3mo

sending this hoping to all of you would think of something that succeed at make you smile, so, tell me something that makes you happy recently? :]

apa yah... sejauh ini belum ada yang make me happier sih, tapi kalau yang happy gitu karena dd kicil aku udah balik dari rumah sakit loh! :]

Habi · 11 answers · 3mo

Kalian kalau gabisa tidur ngapain ges biar ngantuk?

minum susu anget! :3 tapi aku lebih ke baca AU atau novel juga sih.. menciptakan fake skenario in my life. :3

Evander A. Vanezio · 70 answers · 3mo

Can you suggest a suitable name for me? I use ENHYPEN Jay as my pfp. Thank you!

Jagad! I love to call someone with their full name like Jagad! :3 TAPI Joseph sounds gewd as well!!

𝑅𝑢𝑖𝑘𝑎 · 1 answer · 4mo

what is one drink that makes you think like, "ugh. who invented this weird drink?" ?

es oyen, es dawet duren, jus duren, sama semua minuman berbau duren dan taro. 🥲

Berlyn ✧ · 13 answers · 4mo

valentine's day is coming >< could you recommend a love song that can make our hearts beat fast like 'dugeun dugeun' when we listen to it?

It’s you by Sezairi, Lover by Taylor Swift ft. Shawn Mendess, and Fallin’ All In You by Shawn Mendess. 🥹

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