Luna Saphira Dragofelis asked about 1 year ago

When do you usually go to bed?

Luna Saphira Dragofelis

When do you usually go to bed?

I try to aim to get to bed at around midnight Eastern Time, but in practice it varies wildly between midnight and 04h, generally.

Ideally, I would like to be waking up at 5 or 6am every day, including weekends, but I rarely reach that because I never go to bed at a fixed time… I've been trying to go no later than 11pm to wake up at 6 lately, though sometimes I end up going at like 2am. I guess at some point I'll get tired enough to go to sleep at a more normal time…

Around midnight, though it varies, and may be before that or after.

11pm - 2am usually. Depending on the day or what my schedule is like the next day.

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